Wednesday , April 21 2021

Fossil reveals first affordable smartwatch with new energy-saving chip – Tech News

Android users have been looking for a counterpart to the latest Apple Watch, which has impressed many with its narrow elements and ECG heart rate monitor. Fossil's new Sport smartwatch can come closest.

While most other Android smartwatches run on a two-year Qualcomm chip, Fossil's latest model is the first affordable smartwatch with the new Snapdragon Wear 3100, a more efficient chip that ensures that even power consumers will not find themselves out of the battery by the end of the day .

Soon after Montblanc Summit 2 was released, with the Snapdragon Wear 3100 for just under US $ 1,000, Fossil introduced its new model to a quarter of the price with the same battery-saving technology in it.

Most current smartwatches will struggle to survive more than a day of heavy use with GPS tracking and heart rate monitoring.

But for all who forget their charger, the 3100 chip will flow into a special mode capable of squeezing two days of basic time detection based on the last few percent of the battery.

The sport comes in six colors and fits a large number of bands with a large number of styles.

Judging by the dimensions, Fossil Sport also does not look in place on skinny wrists, which has been a problem for typically clumsy smartwatches, largely designed for male wearers.

Fossil says the sport has a thickness of 12 mm, not much higher than an average analog clock, while the face diameter is compact 41 mm or 43 mm.

Like most new models, the sport has NFC, which allows users to pay their watch in countries that support Google Pay. – dpa

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