Thursday , March 4 2021

Google Contacts 3.2 adds dark theme [Gallery]

After last week's encouragement for apps to adopt dark themes to save battery life, Google Contacts is the latest Android client to get one. In recent weeks, the company has updated its communication apps, with Google Phone's dark look already announced and developed.

Google Contacts 3.2 rolls out tonight with a switch available in the navigation box. A force close to the update may be required before "Turn on dark theme on" appears just above Settings.

In particular, on a Pixel device running Android 9 Pie, the app is aware of "Dark theme in device settings is on." This does not refer to "Device Theme" in Display Settings for Pixel Launcher, but rather Developer option to "Set Night Mode" to Auto, Always Off, or Always On. If the latter is enabled, users can not turn off the theme in Google Contacts, it will apply automatically on launch.

In communications, Google refers to the appearance as a "dark mode", with Google Phone messages that also refer to it in a similar way. Despite the inconsistency, it is the same dark gray for the background, rather than an AMOLED black.

Messages and Google Contacts are thematically – and functionally – similar, with the same hue as assumed for UI elements such as FAB and as coloring. This theme is applied everywhere from the main contact list, Create contact screen, Settings and Search.

A dark mode for Google Phone comes with our APK Insight and notes that the darker appearance can be synchronized between the caller and the contacts.

Google Contacts 3.2 now roll out via the Play Store. Be sure to check out our full review of all the dark places in Google's applications on both Android and the web.

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