Friday , October 22 2021

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Christmas approaches and with it comes the annual John Lewis Christmas ad. This year, the ad is an emotional tribute to the British musical icon Sir Elton John, a rumor that has been circulating for a long time. The ad is called The Boy And The Piano. Sir Elton John himself was first thought to have been paid £ 5million, though Elton has donated part of his actual fee to his charity trust.

About making the emotional ad said Sir Elton: "John Lewis Christmas campaign has so many warm memories for me and my family.

"It has been a wonderful opportunity for me to reflect on my life in music and the incredible journey I've been to and how I play my grandmother's piano marks the moment music came into my life.

"The ad is amazing and I really loved every minute to be a part of it."

And his husband David Furnish added: "I think Elton has had the process of doing this enormously.

"I think you feel emotional, he thinks about the journey he has been on as an artist, and that moment you know when music came into his life at a very young age when he was encouraged by his mom and grandmother with his piano

"John Lewis Christmas Campaign is an iconic part of Christmas now and has had so many warm memories and associations for us, with all our cristals, so being asked to be a part of it was a great honor.

"To see the accuracy, and the effort that has been made to create everything, the attention to detail is amazing, so it's very exciting to see, it's like taking a step back in time."

The song played for two minutes and 20 seconds long is Elton's famous "Your Song" and is the second time the audio track is used in a John Lewis Christmas ad.

The sincere ad begins with Elton John sitting at his piano on his career in the music industry.

The ad then goes back in time, Elton shows at various points in her life.

The idea behind the advertisement was to encourage customers to think about the gifts they give their loved ones this Christmas.

When he talked about the details, including Elton's costumes, Emma Wood told John Lewis "Everything Elton wears, we created everything he actually wore.

"They are really cool. We had access to their archive to go and watch them.

"As some of them could not be worn, we restored all of them."

If you are in London, customers who go to the John Lewis Oxford Street store will be able to see the set from the ad.

Fans will be able to listen to old recordings from the 1970s as well as take pictures in Elton's recording studio.

John Lewis worked with Elton John Charitable Trust to make this year's advertisement.

Although available online, John Lewis Christmas The ad will not air on TV until 21.15 tonight.

The first broadcast of John Lewis Julannons will be shown under the Dark Heart ITV show.

John Lewis will also sell a series of pianos for the first time in 70 years.

The ad was waiting to hurry on parents and grandparents who bought keyboards and pianos like Christmas presents.

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