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Moment drunk drivers crash deliberately in the crowd outside the pub


This is the moment a drunk driver drove his car to a crowd and injured seven people outside a pub.

James Bates, of Blenheim Road, Littlestone, Kent, has been detained for 12 years at the Canterbury Crown Court after alleging an accusation of gross bodily injury and six allegations of attempting to GBH.
The 25-year-old drove his silver Vauxhall Corsa to the audience outside the pub in New Romney High Street on November 24 last year.

Bates deliberately drove his car in the crowd at 33 mph outside 700 years old – just a few minutes after he had been taken away by bar stuff.

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He claimed that he had just divorced from his girlfriend and had tried to commit suicide after chewing ketamine into the vehicle.

Judge Simon James told him that it was "a miracle" that no one was seriously injured.

He added: "You made a fairly conscious decision to drive your vehicle at a rapid pace in intentional collision with innocent people standing outside the pub.

"It was a scary event where you used your car as a weapon with the intention of causing serious harm to several victims.

James Bates has been detained for 12 years (Picture: PA)
He deliberately drove into a crowd standing outside a 700-year-old New Romney pub (Picture: UKNIP)

"I do not doubt that this was done in revenge or retaliation.

Offer Matthew Lamb, a student and amateur soccer player, suffered fractures to his left arm and right leg.

The judge said, "Others were mercifully extremely happy and avoided serious physical damage, but only by simple happiness."

Landlord Sharon Epps later told her how she feared that her business partner and landlord, the father's four Kevin Gibbons – whose wife was pregnant had been killed or injured.

A spokeswoman from Kent police said: "It struck the building at the front door, as did a number of people who had been outside at the time.

"Among the injured people reported a man was hit directly in the car and led fractures to the leg and arm.

Judge Simon James told him that it was "a miracle" that no one was seriously injured (Image: UKNIP)

"Minutes before, Bates had been removed from the bar by staff after he had come into a number of altercations with other customers while drinking there.

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"When he was arrested shortly after the collision, Bates told police that he could not explain why he had driven the crowd."

Detective constable Chris Brett said, "James Bates was seen driving his car around the neighborhood to accelerate his car in the crowd standing outside the pub and showing that this was a meditated attack.

"Given the damage that a car can cause, those who were outside the pub during the collision were lucky, their injuries were not worse.

"Regardless of harm, you can target such scary and unprovoked ways that they have extensive harmful effects on those concerned.

"I thank those who have helped and supported the investigation and subsequent prosecution."

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