Wednesday , October 20 2021

Neymar and Cavani AT WAR as Uruguay star kicks PSG teammate | Football | Sports


Neymar captained Brazil at Emirates Stadium in a friendly tie with Cavani's Uruguay.

The duo's relationship has never been the best of PSG ever since Neymar joined the French giants from Barcelona 2017, which effectively utilizes Cavani as the top dog.

And Cavani showed that he is not the biggest fans of his teammate during Uruguay's 1-0 defeat.

Cavani and Neymar had a clue on each other for much of the game, when the tension finally came to a head in the 86th minute.

Neymar drilled down the left flap and danced with the ball in front of Cavani.

The Uruguay striker in turn hit his PSG teammate and left Neymar in a high on the grass.

Cavani was booked for the event, which could have hurt his teammate.

And as the pictures showed, Cavani made clear contact with Neymar's left ankle.

This is not the first time the couple has been embroiled in a stretched sweat.

When Neymar arrived at PSG, Cavani was still the man to take free kick and penalty.

But everything changed when Brazil was on the team because Neymar stamped its authority as the world's most expensive player.

And in October this year Cavani unfortunately took Neymar during a Champions League game that the Brazilian prepared to shoot.

Neymar had to go outside the field for treatment over the incident.

It is not known what is happening in future transfer markets, but there are suggestions either Cavani or Neymar will be gone at the beginning of next season.

Cavani has practitioners in Italy, with the star in Naples before moving to Paris 2013.

And Neymar is sought after in Barcelona, ​​while Real Madrid is also keen on the front.

Neymar made the winning penalty when Brazil beat Uruguay 1-0 in northern London.

After the match, he was asked about Barca's transfer interest.

But the superstar just logged, shook his head and refused to answer the questions.

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