Sunday , May 16 2021

Space News: Russia reveals NUCLEAR spacecraft for INTERSTELLAR missions | Science | News

When discussing the possibility of interstellar travel, some researchers tend to scoff at the idea because of the huge distances that distinguish the stars. But Roscosmos claims that the craft will be able to make deep-space flights thanks to the use of nuclear power. Videos released on the Roscomos page on Facebook show the concept's design of the craft.

From previous descriptions, the concept design contains a gas-cooled fission reaction that drives a generator, which in turn supplies a plasma processor.

Vladimir Koshlakov, head of Moscow's Keldysh Research Center, told local media that Mars could "in the near future but it's not the purpose in itself".

He noted: "Our engines can be the basis of a series of space missions that currently seem like science fiction."

Keldysh Research Center, responsible for the development of the Katyusha rocket launched during World War II, has been working on the "unique" propulsion system since 2009.

Mr Koshlakov did not mention a date for when the system would be clear, but he suggested it "will exceed the existing level of technical and scientific development".

He added: "Recycling is a priority.

"We need to develop engines that do not need to be refined or repaired more than once every 10th flight.

"48 hours after the rocket returns from space, it must also be possible to go again.

"This is what the market requires."

Asked if he could be surpassed by other companies, such as Elon Musk's SpaceX, who plans his own mission to Mars, Koshlakov definitely decided.

He said, "Elon Musk uses the current technology developed a long time ago.

"He is a businessman: he took a solution that was already there and applied it successfully.

"He also does his work with the help of the government."

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