Saturday , May 15 2021

Suspected hair clips in relation to an Aldi barcode that people let tear over mugshot

A manhunt is under way for a suspect who has been murdered wickedly online because of his fringe.

James Flynn, 28, is wanted for harassment and threatening, but his crimes are not what attracts him attention.

Some have compared his haircut to resembling an Aldi barcode, while another said they had seen better hair on a pig scratching.

James Flynn is the desire for harassment and threatening (Picture: West Midlands Police)
Someone has a theory about his haircut …

The image was issued by West Midlands Police and has received much attention.

One of the answers in the social media post said: "You must arrest the barber for crimes against hair-care."

Dean Philp said, "All that is missing is the numbers under his hair, and he will look like a bloody barcode."

Lee Mills had similar thoughts: Hair as an Aldi barcode. & # 39;

The same did Kieran Gladwish, who commented: "Scanned this picture and was just charged 5p for a bag. & # 39;

(Picture: Facebook)
(Picture: Facebook)
(Picture: Facebook)

Natasha Murphy came into punctuation and attracted 3.8k as she wrote: "There are many hard comments on this thread. This guy could be on the edge of society.

"He needs to know that good times are fighting and going, and at the end of the day he just has to cheat and PERManently show that he can correct his life. Either it or disappears in thin hair. & # 39;

And Andy Scotton-Peters had this to say, "Look better hair on a pig scratch."

If you know where Flynn is contact police at 101.

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