Tuesday , June 22 2021

Then the weather is like you're on the weekend

Spells of heavy showers and winds of up to 40mph are expected in northern Wales this weekend.

People can expect a mixed picture with showers all weekend with the chance to hail and thunder on Saturday.

These conditions will be mixed with dry and cloudy weather and also some sunny rods throughout the weekend.

Gusts of about 30 to 40mph will add the unanswered feeling weather today.

It comes after winds of more than 50 mph and torrential downpours hampered North Wales yesterday.

Spells of Rain continues during the weekend

A spokesman for Met Office replied: "Sunny spells and heavy, hot showers, possibly with hail and thunder [on Saturday].

"The showers will merge to give some longer rods of rain sometimes, especially in the afternoon."

They allowed temperatures to remain mild, between 9C and 11C.

On Sundays, the conditions will remain mixed, with sunny spells and light showers.

The wind will have died a bit, with winds of about 20 mph at its peak.

The temperature will remain about the same as Saturday, with readings somewhere between 8C and 10C for much of the day.

It comes before a week where conditions should be drier and more decommissioned than has recently happened in Britain.

However, moving to the calmer conditions will be slower in this area, where rain will last a bit longer than elsewhere in the country.

By the end of the week, a lot of the week should bathe in calm, mild weather with rain limited to northwestern Scotland.

According to early forecast models, Temperature will also increase, and it will be reasonably mild with the highest possible mean values ​​in a southern airflow

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