Thursday , December 3 2020

Apple's store and online store manager, Angela Ahrendts, will leave in April

Angela Ahrendts at an event at the Apple Dealer at Manhattan's Union Square in 2016.
Photo: Eric Risberg (AP)

Apple's head of retail and online stores, former Burberry CEO Angela Ahrendts, resigns technically giant after five years, CNN reported Tuesday.

Ahrendts was not only one of the company's highest wage earners, but the only senior female manager at the time of her rent in 2014. According to CNN's report, Apple originally hired Ahrendts "as part of its efforts to strengthen its presence in China," Where the Company has recently seen the marking of sales in the midst of a slower national economy and a continuing trade war with the United States. As the Wall Street Journal noted, Apple has also been experiencing more general problems with mobile sales in recent months, for which a wide variety of reasons have been claimed by journalists and industry analysts, none of them changing the fact that "iPhone sales fell 15% to $ 51.98 billion over the three months ending in December, the company's largest sales period. "

Ahrendts is officially scheduled to leave in April "for new personal and professional pursuits", according to an Apple statement.

"I would like to thank Angela for inspiring and stimulating our teams over the past five years," said CEO Tim Cook in the statement. "She has been a positive transforming force, both for Apple's stores and the communities they serve. We all want her the very best when she starts a new chapter."

Journal wrote:

During Apple's most profitable race, Mrs Ahrendts led a significant expansion of retail depicting the company's luxury brand, and recently close observers said she was a skilled guardian of Apple's successful retail strategy, but the little one radically changed during her term.

"She doesn't seem to have given retail experience any forward-looking," says Mark Cohen, director of retail studies at Columbia Business School. "Even though they made some noise about creating a community center out of the store, I don't think there was any traction."

Mrs. Ahrendts had been supported by Apple's board over the years and had been considered a potential successor to CEO Tim Cook, people close to the board said.

As noted by Adweek is Josh Sternberg on Twitter, Ahrendts was the subject of a Vogue Business profile last week.

CNN reported that the current Vice President of Human Resources, Deirdre O & # 39; Brien, a 30-year-old veteran of the company, takes over Ahrend's term of office in a "new expanded role as senior vice president of" retail and people. ""

As Ars Technica has noted, O & B; Brien has previously monitored career development and internal training and education programs for the company's 70,000 retailers, so it may not be as atypical a choice as it may seem. The journal reported that O & # 39; Brien already has some overlapping roles that also fit nicely with its new position as demand estimates. Choosing a veteran Apple Executive to replace Ahrendts may also be an attempt to avoid a situation similar to one in 2012 when the company brought John Browett as head of retail and left only six months later when he (in his story) turned out to be a poor cultural "fit".

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