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California fires: 5 kill as 3 big blazar burns across the state

A fire in northern California sent rescued residents who drove for their lives when it was closed and destroyed parts of paradise. Five people have been found to die there in a vehicle overcome by elders, Butte County Sheriff Department said.

Camp Fire: People Fly "Carrying Their Children and Children"

In northern California, panic-guarded residents fled Paradise's Thursday morning with a small announcement that Camp Fire broke through.

Paradise, a city of 26,000 people about 80 miles north of Sacramento, is where at least five have been found dead.

On Friday morning, the fire had burned 70,000 hectares, destroyed parts of paradise and burned on the outskirts of Chico, a city of 93,000 people about a 90 mile drive north of Sacramento. Area hospitals have been evacuated and all Butte County schools are closed Friday.

At least 40,000 residents were forced to evacuate in Butte County after the fire broke out early Thursday, "grows uncontrollably" at a speed of about 80 football plans per minute.

Whitney Vaughan described a scene of panic and terror when she recalled her narrow escape from her paradise temple on Thursday morning.

California wild boar destroys paradise:

Vaughan and her husband had just fled home when flames rushed them. She saw a man "spreading past our house carrying a little baby, running as fast as he could".

They drove off but eventually caught in traffic. Flames were inches away, smoke was thick, cars did not move and people panicked. Some people left their cars there "and started running with their children and children."

She cried when she recorded video of the scary scene she sent to Facebook. She and her husband could eventually drive a car safely.

"We thought the fire would kill us," she told CNN.

The complete extent of destruction is still unknown, but the authorities believe that up to 1000 buildings have been destroyed – most of them in paradise, a spokesman for the California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection (Cal Fire) spoke.

Several injuries have been reported by both civilian and firefighters, said Cal Fire spokesman John Gaddie. The extent of their injuries is unknown.

In paradise on Friday morning, the city's main street was filled with trees and power lines. Much of the brush and grass were swept along the valleys, and many trees were still burning, a CNN crew observed.

By the end of Thursday, more than 2 200 firemen fought against the flames and the fire remains untreated, according to Cal Fire.

Gov.-Elect Gavin Newsom declared an emergency in the area and has requested federal funds to help those affected by fires in the state. Newsom serves as acting governor while Gov. Jerry Brown travels out of the state.

Authorities fear the fire, driven by strong winds, could reach Chico – a city of 90,000 people where many Butte County families have already been evacuated for protection.

An unknown number of homes and buildings in Paradise has been destroyed by Camp Fire.

Woolsey Fire: Thousands of him evacuated, Malibu area threatened

In southern California there were strong Santa Ana winds with two fires, including Woolsey Fire, which on Friday morning had burned across the US 101 and went in the direction of Malibu.

Woosley Fire exploded from 2,000 hectares to 8,000 in Los Angeles and Ventura County in a few hours Thursday evening to Friday.

At least 75,000 homes in Ventura and Los Angeles County are under evacuation orders, and some structures have already been destroyed, officials said.

The fire had crossed the US 101 a few miles east of the thousand Oaks – the place for Wednesday night's shooters – and headed south to the Pacific Coast, in the direction of Malibu Creek State Park and Malibu City, Los Angeles County Fire Force said.

Mandatory evacuations were ordered for an area between the US 101 and just north of Malibu.

And partly by Malibu himself – A town of about 12,000 people known for beachside homes owned by celebrities and millionaires – a volunteer evacuation advice was released Friday morning.

"Please, please, if you are asked to volunteer leave the area, please do it," said Ventura County Fire Capt. Scott Dettore to CNN affiliate KTLA on Friday morning. "Make sure your stuff is packed and ready. Please leave the area."

Woolsey Fire in southern California exploded in size overnight on Thursday.

Pepperdine University on Friday closed their Malibu and Calabas campus because it approached the flame.

In Malibu, the journalist Julie Ellerton said that she was packed peacefully on Friday morning after staying all night.

Ellerton, in an e-mail to CNN, said it was strange to go from covering events related to Wednesday's shooting "looking up in the afternoon and seeing the plumes of smoke".

"My heart is still with those who suffer from the loss of their children, their husband and their dad. I can not believe there's anything more – packing" objects "seems strange. The smoke just seems surreal," she wrote.

In Hidden Hills, just north of Calabasas, Adrienne Janic gave her home to firefighters late Thursday to use as a command center. Her tire gave a strong viewpoint for monitoring the spread of the fire.

At 1:00 AM (4:00 ET) more firefighters came as the flames closed onto Janic's street

"While many farms and neighbors have burned, the firemen saved our homes," Janic tweeted shortly after 2 o'clock in the morning. "We are still not out of the wood yet."

Christy Dawn Little abandoned her Oak Park home, northeast of a thousand Oaks, around 11 o'clock PT.

"I had to work tonight and ran out when I realized how close it was," Little said to CNN. "We have found a safe hotel … (i) Los Angeles."

Video of her drive out of the city shows that the fire emits an orange-red glow at the distance in the night sky.

Hill Fire: RVs, outhouse burnt

Hill Fire is the second fire that burns near the site of this week's mass photography in a thousand Oaks.
One of the California wildernesses grew as soon as it burned correspondingly to a soccer field every second

The fire started Thursday afternoon and spread rapidly to cover about 6000 hectares, firemen said. On Friday, part of it burned in 2013 by a fires that could slow its spread, said the brand manager of Ventura County Brand, Mark Lorenzen.

Residents posted on social media to share their views on the flames that almost consume the slope in the Newbury Park area of ​​West Thousand Oaks.

Even though no home or business has been lost because of the fast river, a number of caravans and outbuildings have been burnt and a firefighter was affected by a minor injury, the authorities said.

Hurling Santa Ana winds drove Woolsey and Hill fires. Santa Anaerna are strong, dry winds like high pressure systems shoot from east to west, from the mountains and desert areas down the Los Angeles area.

Wind disturbances of up to 77 mph were reported in Los Angeles County on Friday morning.

Winds were expected to weaken Friday afternoon to Saturday. A second round of Santa Ana winds is expected to whip the area from Sunday to Tuesday, although it may be weaker than Friday's.

CNN's Emanuella Grinberg, Nick Valencia, Judson Jones, Dakin Andone, Tristan Smith, Cheri Mossburg, Amanda Watts, Joe Sutton, Gianluca Mezzofiore, Stella Chan, Amanda Jackson, Christina Zdanowicz and Jennifer Selva contributed to this report.

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