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Halo 5 Gifts Players with Last Slice & # 39; Pizza Skin in response to Fans & # 39; Pizza Supplies


Halo 5, but now with more pizza.

By Colin Stevens

UPDATE (3/17/2019): In response to the myriad amounts of Pizza sent to 343 Industries due to "the release of excitement over the news that Halo: Master Chief Collection comes to PC, " 343 have a gift for their fans in return.

Anyone who plays online today in Halo 5 will be rewarded with a pepperoni pizza skin to make all your weapons much more delicious.

Check out the fun message below and sign in to Halo 5 to collect your prize, The Last Slice Skin!

Original story follows.

343 Industries has been flooded with pizza from adoring fans following the announcement that Halo: The Master Chief Collection is coming to PC – and the developer kindly asks fans to stop with cheesy goodness.

Last week, a Halo Reddit thread preceded an Inside Xbox message that the collection will move on to PC games at games. One fan said they would "buy the first 343 employee commenting on this pizza if the PC's MCC is announced." Launched on Tuesday's announcement, boarding and sending a pulsating pizza to 343 offices in Redmond, Washington.

Jarrard came on Twitter Shortly after the announcement, he said, "It has begun. He thanked @ GameCheat13, a very happy halo rip for the pizza. But the crust and the filling did not stop there.

After receiving several pizzas, including those with pineapple and jalapeño for some reason, Jarrard constantly encouraged fans to stop sending pizzas and said, "We don't need any more pizza." "We don't need more pizza. We're good." And "plz doesn't send tons of pizzas." In the end, he put his foot down and said, "The Halo community is great. We're too excited! Please don't send more pizzas to 343 Industries. The office clerk is not here, so it becomes logistically challenging, and we really do not want to see food being wasted. "

Earlier this week, 343 announced that the former Xbox One exclusive Halo: Master Chief Collection would come to PC and Steam games by game in 2019 and also announced that the collection would receive Halo: Reach, Bungie's last Halo game. Since Halo 3: ODST has also come to the collection, it is more of a Halo anthology than anything and it is perfectly okay with it.

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