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Is there a secret to getting a score of 85 or higher? Derek Hough answers it and more

World of Dance has returned to season 3 and changed the game. Dancers must score 85 or higher to qualify. Is there a secret to getting a 85 and have the judges changed their approach?

Derek Hough answered the Cheat Sheet's question about the change and spoke of his partnership with US Cellular and their program The Future of Good via email. Find out what he said about the big change and whether he would return to Dancing with the stars.

Derek Hough
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Derek Hough said actions need a combination of things to get a score of at least 85

The judge said there is no secret for dancers doing this for this season World of Dance. He listed a few things they had to be on top of entering.

"There is no secret," Hough wrote. "What is needed is a perfect combination of" Creation. Dedication. Innovation. Justification. Preparation. The execution must have the "WOW" factor. "

Of course, the trades have to play their part in all these aspects, but the judges also score differently? "Not at all," replied Hough. "At the end of the day, we still judge on musicality, technicality, synchronicity, creativity, costumes, choreography. We are looking at the most competitive season ever World of Dance. "

He wanted to dance in Jennifer Lopez's "Love Do Not Cost A Thing" video of a sweet ground

At that time, Lopez came to Hough to join the cast World of Dance they already knew each other. "We had met, we have many of the same friends," Hough wrote.

He also revealed what she is like a boss. "Jennifer is great to work with," replied the dancer. "She is incredibly committed and passionate about every aspect of her life and it is inspiring to be in the living room with someone so devoted to her family as she is for her work."

If he could come back in time to dance in one of her iconic music videos, what would it be? "Love doesn't cost a thing" because it was the video that made me fall in love with her, "Hough wrote.

Hough he said "never say" when talking about a possible return to Dancing with the stars

Before he judged, Hough competed Dancing with the stars. He did a good job considering he holds the record of the most wins on the show. There is uncertainty about the show as it does not come back in the spring.

Would Hough return if the next season turns out to be the last one? "DWTS will always be my family and while I never say never right now I am focused on World of Dance and my trip, "wrote Hough.

He revealed that there will be some familiar faces on tour with him. "There are a couple of World of Dance like Charity Anderson, Audrey Case and Daniella Karagach, who all want their moments. I didn't just want backup dancers; I wanted them to be guest stars. "

The dancer has also been busy working with his partnership with US Cellular for the Future of Good. He helped raise awareness for the 16 Kids Under 16 program, where 16 young humanitarian were nominated to receive $ 10,000 for their cause.

Hough wrote about the causes and the children being presented this year. "I had the opportunity to talk to many of the children on a video call and had the chance to meet one of the recipients personally in Wisconsin – Cayden," Hough revealed. "At just eight years old, Cayden has raised over $ 23,000 to the platelet dispensing association to raise awareness for those he himself lives with Immune Thrombocytopenia Purpura (ITP)! It is so inspiring to see how passionate these children are at such a young age and I'm so impressed with them all. "

Derek Hough fans can keep up with him by watching World of Dance Sunday 8 / 7c. You can also catch him on tour.

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