Tuesday , November 24 2020

March Madness 2019 bracket picks, predictions from documented computer model

After months of anticipation, the madness has finally come. 2019 The NCAA tournament field was announced on Sunday. Thirty-seven teams dances, with 32 serving automatic bids and 36 doing it via large bunks. Duke, Gonzaga, Virginia and North Carolina won the Four No. 1 seeds, but March Madness gets its name from the unpredictability of this tournament. Now that the field is set, millions of people will fill in the 2019 March Madness brackets. And while there are countless ways to decide which teams to choose in each round, the model at SportsLine literally has it for science.

Their documented projection model has simulated every game in the tournament 10,000 times. It absolutely broke its March Madness select last year, ending in the top five percent of all CBS Sports brackets and calling Villanova to win it all.

It also knows how to spot it too. The same model has produced brackets that have nailed 12 of the 18 first round upsets to double digit seeds over the last three years. It also nailed some massive disturbances in last year, including big wins with No. 13 seed Buffalo over # 4 seed Arizona, No. 11 seed Loyola-Chicago over # 6 seed Miami and # 10 seed butler over # 7 seed Arkansas.

There is simply no need to rely on luck when proven technology to help you dominate your 2019 NCAA Tournament Pools. Now the model has simulated every possible matchup in the 2019 NCAA Tournament and revealed its optimal fit. You can only watch it on SportsLine.

If you're looking for a choice that will give you a huge edge in your 2019 March Madness seizure, SportsLine's model says you should trust No. 5 Marquette with confidence. Look for the golden eagles to jump back from a hard end of the season to make a Sweet 16 run.

It's a surprising choice because the Golden Eagles fell to Seton Hall in the 2019 Big East Tournament. They also dropped their last four games during the normal season, but the model likes their matchups against No. 12 Murray State and No. 4 Florida State. It designs Marquette to roll past both to create a date in Sweet 16 with No. 1 seed Gonzaga in the western region.

Another curve ball: No. 9 Seeds Baylor returns from a fast exit from the Big 12 Tournament and takes down No. 8 Syracuse in the West.

Bears dropped their last four games into the NCAA Tournament in 2019, but it hit hard matchups against Iowa State, Kansas and Kansas State. The model has taken their quality wins this season compared to Texas, Oklahoma, Oregon and Iowa State (twice).

Syracuse, meanwhile, lost five of his last seven to March Madness 2019 and on average fewer than 70 points per month. Play this year. Making the right call in # 8 against # 9 matchups can be different in NCAA tournament pools, and the model says you can beat Bears in well over 50 percent of its simulations.

So who else is doing a deep run in the NCAA tournament? Visit SportsLine now to see which No. 3 seed reaches the Final Four, and see who wins every single game, from the model that has nailed 12 of the 18 double-disorder in the first round of the last three years.

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