Wednesday , January 27 2021

Rumor: AirPods 2 with special grips and AirPower launches this spring

A new report this morning – should be taken with utmost care – from MySmartPrice confirms rumors of a spring launch to AirPower, along with updated "New Design" AirPods and a gripping coating. The source also encourages improved sound quality from the buds, a black color offer and an improved design that allow for greater bass response.

According to the source, the new coating that could make way to AirPods 2 can be similar in style to the glass found on the back of Google Pixel 3. For those not known, the back of Pixel 3 has a frosted Soft touch sensitivity glass that gives an ever so subtle grip – especially highlighted when placed in your ears apparently.

The rumor suggests that the upper part of the AirPod 2 knobs will not only have this coating but also the whole case. As far as price is concerned, $ 199 is that figure, though it seems more speculative than anything.

The source also speaks to AirPower and says that the mat is thicker than originally calculated thanks to its 8-7-7 spiral configurationHowever, Apple will lure users with "exclusive" features related to the mat that are not expected to iOS 13. It is unclear what "features" Apple might or could hold back from a charging mat via software. The report requires a $ 149 price, but it feels more like a guess rather than a confirmed word.

Interestingly enough, a separate outline report from DroidShout Earlier this week also called for a new grip coating for debut on the back glass of the iPhone 11, but more concrete evidence confirming this claim has not yet been discovered.

The last time MySmartPrice and AirPods 2 made headlines were back in November when the site originally reported Bluetooth 5.0 headphones that received SIG certification.

The most solid knowledge we have about AirPods 2 comes from Digitimes, which reported last month that the headphones would start in the first half of this year with improved health tracking capabilities.

This is the first real talk we've heard about a new coating that could better handle future Apple products. Are you excited? What about the prospect of black AirPods finally? Let us know what you think in the comments below!

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