Saturday , November 28 2020

Tesla externally increases the power of all Model 3 vehicles through software update

Tesla started the remote controlled effect of all Model 3 vehicles through a software update over a year after the start of production.

When automaker launched base model 3 to $ 35,000 with shorter range and new interior, it also pledged more upgrades to existing Model 3 vehicles through software updates.

The car manufacturer promised an increase in the range of all model 3 vehicles with a wide range of battery pack and rear-wheel drive engine, and a maximum power increase for all models 3 & 39's.

As we reported last week, Tesla already started pushing an update to increase the model 3 series.

Now, Tesla is starting to roll out the update of maximum power boost – through its firmware version 2019.8.2.

In the publication notes, Tesla writes about Peak Power Increase:

"Your car's high voltage has been increased by about 5%, which improves acceleration and performance."

Tesla said earlier that this increase in high voltage output would result in an increased top speed to 162 mph for Model 3 Performance, but all model 3 vehicles should feel a little more powerful.

Electrek's Jeff Benjamin received the update on his Model 3 Long Range RWD and noted that it "feels a bit more peppy."

During a call when he announced the base model 3, CEO Elon Musk briefly took these over-the-air upgrades and said Tesla now feels comfortable pushing model 3's battery pack and engine to higher levels after collecting data from being on their way to over a year.

Electrek's Tasks

As we have noted earlier, Tesla's efficiency gains requirement, which applies only to Long Range RWD Model 3 vehicles, is suspicious because it could already announce higher-range vehicles, but previously chose not to be too vague.

For the power boost, it is a much less controversial update and actually shows some impressive work from the automaker.

The fact that Tesla actually releases this capacity across all Model 3 vehicles clearly shows that they now feel more comfortable pulling more power from the Model 3 drive after gathering more real data.

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