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Updated forecast: Wintry mix to make for smooth Monday morning commute in some areas

* Winter weather advisory along and west of Interstate 95 from 9 am Sunday to 10:00 pm Monday | school Delays *

Key points

  • After a coating of snow, most places have turned to veil and freezing rain. (In northern Maryland, snow can continue as the dominant precipitation type until the previous hours.) This wintery blend will make it easier to travel overnight, especially on untreated roads and sidewalks. Pedestrians and motorists should be careful.
  • For Monday morning commuting, mixed rainfall and slippery roads are most likely north and west of downtown Washington. From the center to the south and east, temperatures that rise above freezing must allow virtually ordinary rain and wet road.


11:35 pm – Wintry mix falls in most areas. Expect smooth stains overnight.

The snow landing line has lifted all the way north to Columbia, Md. Now (and slowly moving north). The snow is now mostly confined along and north of Interstate 70, with a wintery blend to the south.

For much of the Washington area, the snow of this event is over, and we'll just have the blurry and frozen rain for the rest of the night. Some of our milder spots, mainly from the center to the southeast, can see rainfall change to pure rain.

Throughout the night and in the morning we commute the most widespread smooth conditions in our colder areas west and northwest of Beltway, but smooth spots are still likely in the immediate metro area considering temperatures just around freezing and coalescing of frozen precipitation. Our main concern is on the sidewalks, driveways, parking lots and neighborhood roads.

This is our last update tonight. Scroll down for the forecast through tomorrow. Check back at. 5:00 am Monday for our next detailed forecast update.

10:55 pm – The snow has changed to veil and frost from the district south

The snow fell heavily for a time in the immediate metroregion, but the snowmix line rose northwards (faster than projected by models), and many areas from the Beltway lake have now been changed to slumber and frozen rain. This means that the snow accumulation may have been mostly over, but we must handle a flat layer of blur / freezing rain on top of the slush of snow falling. Sideways and sidewalks are the most important areas.

10:15 pm – Snow comes down hard and fast, some smooth spots develop

When it started snowing in the last hour, the intensity picked up quickly. This has made it possible for the temperatures to fall rapidly to freezing and to snow to coat grassy areas and even untreated sidewalks and neighborhood walls. Highways so far quit okay. Be careful if you are traveling.

Card models and radar suggest snow should drop steadily for at least another two to three hours, but probably not as heavy as the open aperture. Nevertheless, some areas may see totals exceeding one inch entering the boom area. At the same time, we have to see an area of ​​blur and rain (except for freezing rain where the temperature is below 32) to the south, which is to rise north over time and limit how much snow can accumulate during the overnight period – except in that Northern Maryland.

Here are some pictures …

9:30 pm – Snow fast spreading immediate metro region

In the last 15 to 20 minutes, we have received a flurry of snow reports that evolve from the West. And it does not take long for the snow to fall, but a fairly fast cut.

We have received reports of snowfall in Arlington, Burke, Alexandria, Vienna, Fairfax, parts of Montgomery County and even in southern Maryland.

In the next hour, the snow must begin to fall even in our eastern areas.

The snow will first stick to mulch, car peaks and grassland, and then it can quickly begin to coat untreated paved surfaces. So be sure to go and drive.

8:25 pm – Snow development in our western areas

Radar shows snow evolves in the western part of our region from around Frederick and Leesburg and west through the Interstate 81 corridor. We have reports received of light snow in Winchester, as well as Round Hill and Purcellville in western Loudoun County.

This snow would start to spread east in Montgomery, eastern Loudoun and Fairfax counties during the next hour.

Detailed forecast from kl. 18:30

Things will be cluttered over the next 36 to 48 hours. A combat zone between hot and cold air will substantially halve the D.C. area, as well as several rounding rounds move in. This means that we are in favor of the whole spectrum: snow, veil, freezing rain and rain. Expect more of the former ones during the overnight Sunday, which, despite the lack of much accumulation, will still create slippery conditions on road surfaces coming Monday morning.

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Through Sunday evening: Remaining cloudy for the next few hours before light precipitation begins to break out between 8 and 11 pm. Expect light snow at the beginning of precipitation despite marginal temperatures in the range of 32 to 36 degrees. The snow must switch to a slum / freezing rain / rain mixture once after midnight, with places from D.C. and to the south / southeast experience the transition first, and places in the north / northwest that hang on the light snow the longest.

(Capital Weather Gang)

Snow / sludge / ice accumulations should mainly be limited to grassland around D.C., since the road temperatures must remain mostly high enough to avoid significant build-up. In our colder areas, unpaved roads and sidewalks have the best to be smooth and icy, and both pedestrians and motorists should be careful. Lows will end on either side of 32 degrees depending on location, with light winds from the southeast.

(Capital Weather Gang)

See current weather on the Washington Post.

Tomorrow (Monday): Smooth and icy spots in the morning, especially north and west of D.C. Light rain / freezing rain continues early in the morning, uniting commuting problems. We need to see a short vault in rainfall in the late morning before more precipitation enters the afternoon in the form of mostly rain. High temperatures range from mid to over 30 30s.

The rainfall is expected to resume on Monday night, possibly changing to a blur / freezing rain mix at some point in our colder areas, which is likely to result in more commuting problems on Tuesday morning. Lows is just about 32 degrees.

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