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? Pandora analyzes all podcasts and will make recommendations according to your taste

November 14, 2018

Podcasts live that seem to be their new golden age, more and more interesting productions appear as winners of thousands of followers. And now, Pandora has the plan to help us discover our favorite podcast. From this week, some selected users of the service will be able to access the beta version of the Pandora podcast recommendation service, which will only be available from mobile apps and for which you will receive an invitation.

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Pandora wants to "chart the genres of genres" and for that she has created what they call "Podcast Genome Project". They define it as "a cataloging system and a detection algorithm that uses a combination of technology and human healing to provide customized content recommendations."

Basically, you should recommend podcasts in the same way, but with a twist the podcasts are much longer than a simple song and can not be quantified in the same mathematical way as music. The recommendation engine will evaluate podcasts based on more than 1500 attributes, ranging from current topics, type of content, production style, host profile, and of course users' signals.

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