Tuesday , November 24 2020

& # 39; Urban Latin Party & # 39 ;: None of the artists filed a breach of contract

Hundreds of people were totally scammed during the realization of & # 39; Urban Latin Party & # 39; and that while several foreign artists came to Peru for their participation, all canceled their show at the last minute and no one appeared at the event organized by ARN Entertainment Group by the businessman Ramón Edgar Alfredo Deza.

After artists like Mike Bahía, Greeicy and Cielo Torres canceled their presentations, many participants were disappointed, but the event was not canceled. There were large cows, the zones were not separated, and the doors opened at 8:00 m although they were scheduled at 6:00 m.

During the event, only one unknown artist appeared and announced the show by Victor Muñoz, who was supposedly "already in the locker room" but did not appear. Shortly before, the singer had written a video in his Instagram stories that confirmed his participation so many expected it. Eventually the artist decided to delete the video.

Artists canceled at the last minute

Cabo noted that Ax Bahia and Exporto Brazil in their social network announced the cancellation of their presentation at. 3.30. m. for breach of contract Likewise Lil Silvio and El Vega did at 2:30 am.

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They were not the only ones. After 11:00 PM, Yahaira Plasencia also announced that she would not attend the event due to "breach of contract and lack of guarantees." So far, Víctyor Muñoz has not spoken.

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They ask for intervention from Indecopi

The participants of "Urban Latin Fest" have expressed their discomfort through social networks and have requested Indecopi's intervention. Following this scandal, the event organizers decided to close their social media accounts.

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