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70 facts to get to know Prince Charles better on his 70th birthday


He was born on November 14, 1948, under the Scorpio sign, rising in Leo.


He came to the world on a Sunday at 9:14.


As usual in the royal family, all members were born in one of the rooms at Buckingham Palace.


The gynecologist who brought him to the world was Dr. William Golliat and Sister Helen Rowe, midwife.


When Isabel woke up after birth, Felipe gave her a bouquet of pink carnations.


He was baptized in Buckingham Palace Music Hall by Archbishop of Canterbury, Geoffry Fisher.


His grandparents were his grandfather, George VI, his grandmother, Queen Mary, Princess Margaret, his great uncle, David Bowes-Lyon, King Haakon VII, the county of Greece and Milford Haven.


His actor in his early years was his sister Ana.


Attended the boarding schools in Cheam and Gordonstown where the stay in these two educational institutions was extremely difficult for him.


In 1966 he went to study in Australia where he was very happy and for the first time felt free.


His first drunk was in a bar in Australia.


In 1967 he entered Trinity College.

Prince Charles at the age of 6 years 1954
UNITED KINGDOM – NOVEMBER 12: 12.11.1954: A new study by Prince CHARLES at the celebration of his sixth birthday on November 14th. (Photo of Keystone-France / Gamma-Keystone via Getty Images)


His favorite subjects were archeology and anthropology.


At the University of Aberystwyth he took a Welsh course and culture to prepare for his investiture as Prince of Wales.


The words he pronounced in the inventions were "I, Carlos, Prince of Wales, I will be your vassal for life, with total dedication, I will live in faith and truth, and I will fight until I die with any enemy ".


To rule is assumed that it will retain its name and King Carlos III will be named.


From 1971 to 1976 he served the British royal navy.


His mother, Queen Elizabeth II, says "Mom", but on his 92th birthday, he pronounced him a affectionate "mom" that the queen responded by raising her eyes like saying "go". To his father, the duke of Edinburgh, "sir."


He is the heir to the English crown of history who has been waiting for years to occupy the throne. And he continues to do that …


His uncle, Lord Mountbatten, was his great mentor, his confidence and who he considered a father.

Charles Joke Nose Mustache
Prince Charles in Klosters, Switzerland, with a joke nose, mustache and glasses to annoy the press in a photograph during his skiing holiday.


One of the advice that Lord Mountbatten gave him was that he had many girlfriends before getting married, but no, he met Camila and since then his heart belongs to her.


He recently acknowledged that he had serious doubts about marrying Diana, even weeks before the wedding. But for fear of media action, he decided to continue with the link.


His marriage to Princess Diana lasted only 10 years. With Camila he has 13.


His dream was always to have a daughter, a dream he never met.


The American press insists that he and Camila have a daughter. Which of course is not true. But it's a story that comes out again.


He is very jealous of his integrity. He is usually dissatisfied with what he is linking with him.


When a meeting in your office is extended, just press a button below your desk, then type your personal assistant and the prince will say surprised "Oh! Is it really late?" Elegant even to cut boring joints.


In receptions when he meets a heavy guest, he has a secret signal with his assistants: he lifts the eyebrows and they immediately come with him to give him an extremely important message. Then he retires.


Never drink alcohol at official receptions because he is afraid of hiccups.

Prince of Wales and Duchess of Cornwall perform official visits
The Prince of Wales listens to the delegates before going to the conference Celebrating Achievement in the palace of St. James. The Prince emphasized the importance of fresh air to keep people healthy during the forum organized by the Foundation for the Built Environment and the Royal Fund.


He does not drink water or coffee.


His favorite drink is Buck Fizz prepared with champagne, orange juice and a few drops grenadin. This cocktail was invented at Buck Club in London in 1921.


The perfect breakfast for the prince is made with egg and smoked salmon.


The dessert that is not lost is Melba pear with whipped cream that comes with a glass of French white wine.


He has the blue passport like all English on foot and not the green for diplomatic use.


Each of the members of the royal family has a special color on the tag for their suitcases. It's not confusing luggage when traveling together. Carlos is red.


After England, your favorite destination and where you feel very comfortable, Australia.


Collect the toilet cover. In the St James palace, he dedicated one of the rooms to show his more than 50.


When visiting official visits, his office is responsible for contacting the organizers to warn them that the prince loves fruit juices and they always have great variety at their disposal.


He does not like going out at night, he is very secret and prefers to stay home and watch movies or documentaries of archeology, among other things of interest.


One of his favorite properties is Tamarisk in Sorlingues, a modest house where he used to take his female conquests when he was young.


At Sandringham he owns a pavilion at Sandringham, Garden.


In Scotland he has Graigowamn House. All its features visit them at different times of the year.

Prince Charles
Mandatory Credit: Reginald Davis Required Credit: Photo of Reginald Davis / REX / Shutterstock (811931e) Prince Charles and Queen Elizabeth II at Braemar Highland Games Prince Charles


He believes in spirituality and claims that he maintains contact with his uncle, Lord Mountbatten, who was murdered in 1981. Of course, he is not speaking publicly for fear of being labeled crazy.


He is also a fan of astrology and every year he sends his solar revolution to his solar radiation rule.

45 He has several nervous tics revealing the modest personality as the heir to the crown. For example, when he spends a joke he clenches his nose and drives his hand through the hair, which is always impeccable. He often blew his lips, often circles his ring all the time, stretches the shirt's sleeves and touches the cufflinks.


His tools for shaving like brush and soap are from the brand Trumpers. The shaving lotion is from Woods of Windsor and the hair cream is from Coronis.


Hate to waste toothpaste. Thanks to a silver accessory with its initials, it goes through the tube without waste.


Carlos does not have a hairdresser but a hairdresser who has participated for many years, she is Denise MacAdam.


As a child, he likes to paint and he made his own Christmas and New Year's card for family and friends.


His grandmother, the queen mother, installed him passion for music.


His favorite musicians are Schubert, Haydn, Beethoven and Wagner.


In 1975, at the age of 27, he began taking a target price.

The Prince of Wales & Duchess of Cornwall Visit Canada - Day 1
IQALUIT, NOW – JUNE 29: Prince Charles, Prince of Wales participates in the community party at Sylvia Grinnel Territorial Park during a 3-day official visit to Canada on June 29, 2017 in Iqaluit, Canada. (Photo by Chris Jackson / Getty Images)


She has given Camila a taste of painting, she is her art partner who also often water colors with him.


He gets up early and starts working at his office immediately. Then nobody can interrupt you.


The inheritance almost does not speak with his official, instead he prefers to leave them after sending it with his petitions with his initials.


It has two phobias, the sound of pipes and very high heating. He is responsible for regulating them personally.


He has a collection of 44 official uniforms for which he ordered a room in St. James palace where he holds them.


It has two tailor made houses that make their tailor made: Peter Johns of Johns and Pegg and Gieves and Hawkes.


Their costumes are always conservative and in dark colors. Grays loves it.


He's dressed alone. He is the first crown prince who has not served.


He likes his shoes bent as mirrors.


Like his mother, Queen Elizabeth II, the deer is a big lover of dogs. Your favorite? a golden retriever called Harvey.


Like his mother, Queen Elizabeth II, the deer is a big lover of dogs. Your favorite? a golden retriever called Harvey.

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<figcaption class=Prince Charles


He designed a botanical garden in Highgrove where he grows vegetables without pesticides that make him feel very proud.


He is convinced that the plants listen to you so he is advised to talk to them.


Prince Charles is the great promoter of organic farming in Britain. He was one of the first characters to market it for decades and when nobody believed it


Trust alternative medicine like homeopathy.


Consume mostly organic products and harvested in their gardens. It is against GM food.


He has inherited his mother's iron health and if we add so much care about food and exercise (long walks) we can say that there's Carlos for a while.


He is undoubtedly the best prepared legacy England has had.

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