Saturday , October 23 2021

Águilas del Zulia swept Lions by Caracas in the series Luis Aparicio


Águilas del Zulia made the wings on Thursday at Luis Aparicio to beat eight runs to Leones del Caracas to leave the series home and make use of 4-3 in the special series.

A long homer in the second inning of Colombian Harold Ramírez produced the first three runs for Leones, but in the same episode, Angel Aguilar linked the first orange score.

Tito Polo cut the slate after a double that led Alejandro Salazar straight to the rubber, but shortly after Jose Flores added to the register at the foot of Polo to place 3-3 in Maracaibo.

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A square of Aguilar and another of Castillo pulled the comeback 6-4 but the hairy returned to the attack and put the band 6-6 in the seventh inning. Under the same chapter, the raptor team can come up again and add two contests to add the last 8-6.

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