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Bitcoin Cash bifurcated, how about the new chains? | CriptoNoticias


Bittrex, for its part, supports both chains. However, this exchange house will keep the symbol on BCH to refer to the network that followed the update proposed by Bitcoin ABC and will use BSV to refer to the bifurcation of the Bitcoin Satoshi Vision client.

In addition, Bittrex emphasizes that they will evaluate network security for the next 48 hours to determine the results and avoid duplication. During this period, withdrawals or deposits of BCH and BSV will not be available on the platform. Nevertheless, BCH users on the platform can convert their BCH to BSV under a 1: 1 parity.

Poloniex was another cryptocurrency exchange house like he established rapidly its position before chain separation, adopt the terms BCHABC and BCHSV.

Replacement housing converted all balances from BCH to BCHABC and BCHSV with a parity of 1: 1. In addition, it will keep deposits, withdraw and swap pairs of both crypto curves against BTC and USDC "disabled until networks stabilize".

Similarly, Bitfinex reported which will support both cryptographic curves resulting from yesterday's hardfork and the balances were credited in BAB (BCHABC) and BSV (BCHSV). He also declared that "will not assign the BCH symbol until the fork is ready".

Although the hard bifurcation created two separate chains that break for more than 12 hours, the Bitfinex position refers to the network's stability. A milestone that is unknown when it could be achieved, to continue the fight against hashrate.

Coinbase and Shapeshift took similar positions with respect to bifurcation. Both platforms indicated that they can support either of the two chains and even both, but have not established a position on the issue. These crypto companies suspended the withdrawal and deposit of BCH prior to the bifurcation and will not re-enable the service until they consider it safe for its users.

Other exchange houses, such as CoinEx, CoinDelta and Indodax, also claimed to include both crypto curves on their platforms.

But the US exchange Kraken announced it would only support the chain that followed the protocol proposed by ABC, and would not credit in alternative chains.

Other services that serve the Bitcoin Cash community, like Trezor, Purse and Bitpay, also indicate that they only support the Bitcoin ABC client fork. While services like CoinText, CryptoGames will support both crypto curves. The bags Exodus and Jaxx, for their part, indicated that they will only support the chain with the largest hash power.

Some Latin American exchange houses, Buda, BitNovo, PandaExchance and BitInka, also announced before hardfork that they would only support cryptocurrency running the Bitcoin ABC client.

Currently, BCHABC and BCHSV users can generally check their balances on the platforms, but do not make deposits, withdrawals or exchanges.

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