Tuesday , January 26 2021

Bridal look and new Diana earrings

In 2018, it controversy accompanied of Duchess of Cambridge as it passes through the red carpet BAFTA. A year later, Kate returns to this award ceremony with a renewed image in another context and without one dress code Accompanied by the requirement, it becomes a shocking choice. On this occasion, along with pieces from the royal jewels that Isabel II or Diana de Gales have brought, she looks at one of the trends at the moment, the guests who choose bridal-inspired clothing. A style that finds restored to perfection in one White dress from one of your trusted signatures, Alexander McQueen. Under Sarah Burton's creative talents, the same stamp Kate entrusted to her wedding with William from England on April 29, 2011.

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Unlike its applauded wedding dress Presenting a lace body with long sleeves and V-neck, his choice of Alexander McQueen for BAFTA is characterized by an asymmetric neckline covering a shoulder embroidered with embossed flowers. The debate in the network has not been waiting and there are many comments that indicate that it is a white color recreation of design that he took on Prince Charles's 70th birthday and to whom accompany the mysterybecause it was not possible to get pictures of the whole piece.

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In addition, you should choose shoes strass of Jimmy Choo and clutch to the tone of Alexander McQueen. It looks like jewelry Diamond and pearl earrings belonging to Diana of Wales. That's it the first time he takes them and instead of the big original gems that her sister-in-law had, she replaced them with less.

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In addition, it carries diamond bracelet quatrefoil It is currently in the jeweler Isabel II. This last piece, which also took the Queen's mother, premiered Kate at the charity gala Anna Freuds Center at Kesington Palace in early November 2017.

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