Sunday , October 24 2021

Brother of Chávez calls for defending Evo | WORLD


Adán Chávez, elder brother of Sen. Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez, called on MAS to "organize" sectors to defend the Evo Morales government, leading to questions from analysts and opposition politicians who described it as an interference in internal affairs.

Chávez attributed the economic and political instability in Venezuela to a strategy developed by the United States, including migration, and confirmed that similar situations are facing Bolivia. "The attacks will get worse in a terrible way, not to scare anyone. On the contrary, we are organizing ourselves better every day to face the attacks," he said.

For the divisional Democratic Assembly José Luis Santistevan, socialism of the 21st century, as Chávez's brother talks, speaks of working with the state's institutionalization, citing Venezuelan examples where the Constitution and the Laws are in "trial" permanently.'s spokesman José Luis Bedregal rejected Chávez's statements, which represents another "blow" against institutionality, but he dismissed the government to allow foreign involvement.

Chávez will attend today at the conclusion of the National Meeting of Vocational Schools for Vocational Education, organized by the Labor Department of Casa del Pueblo.

For the representative of the Azules del Oriente organization, Alpacino Mojica, the government's guest was sending out his experience of fighting and questioned that when the chosen president of Brazil, Jair Bolsonaro, encouraged the opposition, then "they say nothing".

Consulted, the internationalist Francisco Xavier Solares felt that this type of rhetoric generated conflicts. In particular, due to the current situation, with notices of work stoppages and marches to respect the 21-F vote.

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