Wednesday , June 16 2021

Clez asks MP to investigate the murder of the peasants

The parliamentarians of Legislative Council of the State of Zulia (Clez), requested Public Ministry accelerate investigations about the death of the peoples Luis Fajardo and Jesus Aldana, which was killed a little over a week ago in the municipality Sucre, located in South of Maracaibo.

President of Clez, Eduardo Labrador, together with the legislators of the banks in United Socialist Party in Venezuela (Psuv), from Patriotic Polo and movement Choice of the city (MEP), urged to carry out investigations quickly, so that those who owe this fact can be identified and justice made.

At a press conference held in Bolivar del Clez-Hallen, the Zulia legislators confirmed the violence against the peasants, who are constantly struggling to start producing the country.

"We support the peasantry struggle to place unproductive lands at work and allow them to be placed under production, guaranteeing food sovereignty, in accordance with the constitutional mandates and laws of our Republic through the National Land Institute." (Inti), "he said.

Labrador explained that the collegial body of Clez rejecting the invasions that occur on productive farms and that some people affect the producers in South of the lake.

They also urged INTI to accelerate administrative processes in accordance with the Organic Law on Soil and Agricultural Development and the Bolivarian Constitution in such a way as to "be able to exercise the rule of law and justice that allow for the avoidance of empowerment and solving latifundios, as well as actions by employed killers and organized crime funded by the oligarchy, "said Eduardo Labrador.

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