Tuesday , August 3 2021

Date when YouTube Originals will be available to everyone

Well, now the company has just published date where this will happen, as well as the added benefits that Premium subscribers to the streaming video portal can benefit from. And this is what Google is somehow competing with the rest of platforms it offers original productions own.

As you may remember, earlier in the year the site to YouTube promised to make their own exclusive original series available to the public Premium membersat least initially. This would be a program that would again be supported by ads. However, in terms of its words, the Google subsidiary will do all its work series original, Movie and events, be free to everyone from September 24th.

But of course, how could it be otherwise, the subscribers YouTube Premium, will enjoy a number of interesting benefits that other users do not have access to.

YouTube originals

YouTube Originals will be available for free to anyone on September 24th

Therefore, in just over a month, all users are accessed streaming video portal, you can enjoy its original content. Of course, keep in mind that Premium subscribers will continue to enjoy a better viewing experience, of course. So these don't have to see anyone advertisement, while instantly accessing everyone episodes of the new seasons in a series.

Similarly, they will be the only ones who can enjoy the instructor's cuts and extra scenes, by the way, these will not be available additional content. On the contrary, those who do not pay will have to wait for each episode of a series to be published and they will see commercials. Therefore, everything now depends on the users who prefer to be able to use these privileges when viewing YouTube originals, in addition to the rest of the benefits, you have to pay the subscription or not.

The streaming portal has also added some new features to the Premium subscription, which you will find a new part of downloads recommended, which could facilitate the search for videos Interesting to download. Now it will also be possible for these to switch between a song and a music video at the touch of a button, while Android users will be able to download up to 500 songs from your favorites list and other playlists.

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