Friday , May 14 2021

Eagles and stars win and command the Dominican baseball league

SANTO DOMINGO – Águilas Cibaeñas and Estrellas de Oriente won their respective commitments on the day of Tuesday's local baseball, whose victories command the league with 14 wins and 11 defeats.

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The eagles won 7-3 local Toros del Este, at the Francisco Micheli stadium, in the city of La Romana, in the eastern Dominican Republic.

Reliever Cecilio Pimentel threw four empty innings to prove the victory, his first campaign.

The defeated was the imported Paolo Espino (0-1), who was punished four times in two episodes.

Veteran Willin Rosario, with home-run, double, single and two RBI, and outfielder Juan Carlos Perez, with a single, two doubles and two produced, were the best in Cuyaya's crime.



Raised by the victim of Danny Santana and easily inside the picture of Víctor Robles put the board 6-3 on the Bulls of the East. #PelotaCaribeESPN

Intermediate Danny Santana also contributed to an unstoppable and two driven.

Meanwhile, the stars defeated the local giants Cibao with 8-6, which came down to the third stage, by 13 and 12.

The appointed Cristian Santana was best with the wood for the winners, with three hits and three turns produced.



Feel the numbers of "Indiecito" in his short process as an interim of the Merengue Club, with permission from EPSN Datos. #PelotaCaribeESPN

Beginner Olbis Parra (0-2) was the winning racket, in rollroll, while Máximo Nelson (1-1) led the opposite.

It was the fourth consecutive win for the green team, which accumulates 50 years without lifting the cup.

Creole Moisés Sierra linked three unkicks and dragged a cacarrera in the lost cause.

That meeting was held at Julián Javier Stadium in northeastern San Francisco de Macorís.



The East scored three times in the third section to cut the difference to a race against Cibaeña Eagles. #PelotaCaribeESPN

In another match, Tigres won the Licey 8-3 to the Lions of the Chosen, in the Quisqueya stadium, in the capital of the Caribbean.

American Tommy Milone (1-1) beat six two-stroke moves to claim victory and give Bengale's fourth victory.

His countryman Jake Thompson (2-1) was the loser, which allowed three runs in five chapters.

The third basseman Donovan Solano was the offensive hero, with four uncontested and two produced.

The Lions march fourth in the table, with a score of 12 and 13. Bulls and Tigers split the tail by 11 and 14.

This Wednesday the same protagonists, in different scenarios. The eagles get the bulls in the Cibao stadium; The Lions measure to the tigers, in Quisqueya, and the giants visit the stars, in Tetelo Vargas.

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