Tuesday , August 3 2021

Give postmortem promotion to inspector killed in Maracaibo

This Friday, August 16, Cicpc & # 39; s National Postmortem Directive decorated and promoted to Inspector Carlos Daniel Noguera.

The official died when a hampon, identified as Winner, threw a grenade at the commission that chased him on the road to Los Bucares, west of Maracaibo.

The aforementioned offender and a commission for the detective body met the night of Wednesday, August 14. In the event that Winner fell down and six bikes were also injured.
The national leader of Cicpc, Douglas Rico, said the downcast belonged to the band "Yeico Massacre."
Noguera's body was taken to Caracas on Thursday 15-A.
On Friday, police reported: "The Board of Directors of Cicpc today delivers the Postmortem Ascent and Honor Order of Merit Award from the Corps of Scientific, Criminal and Criminal Investigations in its first class to our hero Carlos Noguera."

The officer was 36 years old, 18 of them dedicated to the detective agency.

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