Friday , May 14 2021

I will retire in the United States: Rooney

EFE – Forward Wayne Rooney, 33, joined the American team this summer after developing almost all his career in England, in two steps in Everton and one, the longest, in Manchester United.

"I took the decision to go to the United States and when I decide something I focus on, it's important that I give my total commitment to DC. I'm not ready to return here, I find my place there and my children go to school. It's not fair to them, I'll finish my career there, "he explained.

That way he rejected the opportunity to do what other players did on his day David Beckham and Thierry Herry, take advantage of the break in United States to return to Europe.

Rooney did not confirm how long he plays this Thursday against United States, in a match that will serve as a tribute to his international career and in which he will play 120 matches with the shirt to "Three lions".

"For what Gareth (Southgate) needs me, I'll be in. I know it's my last game and I do not want to put on him, even because he's wearing" 10 "and the bracelet. is appropriate to take me out, "he added.

The friendly will be recorded Wembley and will earn England in preparation for the meeting with The League of Nations against Croatia, also at Wembley.

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