Tuesday , January 26 2021

Know the focus points for this Tuesday in Valencia, Guacara and Caracas

On February 12, in all the states of the country and in the Caracas Youth Day, March is convened by the President in charge of Venezuela, Juan Guaidó, the National Assembly and Frente Amplio Venezuela Libre Carabobo.

In Valencia, the route for the concentration will be at 9:00, where there will be 23 starting point for the road Sesquicentenaria, Aranzazu, Fernando Figueredo and Andrés Eloy Blanco, for the concentration of the citizens of Llano Verde, Urb. Los Parques, Los Conejos Field, Los Caobos Square, Cuatricentenario Axis, Shopping Mall, CDC, Council, The Blocks, Super Chicken, Combat, Field, El Pilón, La Bocaína, CC Mendoza Foundation and San Agustin.

For roads Bolivar and the fairs, the concentrations come from Redoma de Guaparo, Tijerazo, Rectorate, September 13, Central Madeirense La Isabelica, Máximo Romero Velodrome and La Loma Club.

Everyone will join to reach Enrique Tejera Avenue, where the celebration of the Great Day of Youth will be celebrated.

In Carabobo, MPs reiterated the invitation for the massive participation in the long March of Youth Day in Guacara.

"This Tuesday, February 12, we will march in our Guacara municipality to celebrate the youth day and in support of the National Assembly's route to restore constitutional order."

Starting point: Urb. Loma Linda, in front of the Los Mangos park in the 4th stage.
Time 9:00 AM

Arrival point: Plaza Bolívar de Ciudad Alianza 1st stage (opposite church)

In Caracas

Through Twitter, Guaidó announced that the starting point for the Caracas activity would be the Santa Fe urbanization, Parque Cristal, El Millennium Shopping Center, Brión de Chacaíto square, Caurimare and the high La Candelaria.

The venue is Francisco de Miranda Avenue at McDonald's height. "Let's go Venezuela"

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