Monday , October 18 2021

Meet the new WhatsApp tool that allows you to add contacts (+ details)


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(Caracas, November 17th. News24) .-The social network, WhatsApp, works in two new ways to add new contacts and one of the new options appears to be via the QR code, which will have contact information: name, number and status, and just scan the code to add the new contact.

The new tool was made by the WABETA Info Portal, which specializes in analyzing the news that comes to the messaging service.

But they announced that WhatsApp also works on another option to add New contacts where you can select the country where the number of the user you want to add belongs to.

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This way WhatsApp automatically adds the prefix to the current country in front of the phone number. It is not yet known when this update will be, but the platform obviously already appears on these new tools.

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