Wednesday , December 2 2020

Microsoft messages in Windows 7 for migration to Windows 10 are required

Over the past three and a half years, approx. microsoft Available to all of its Windows 10 systems and everything that has existed, the Redmond company has made a number of decisions that are somewhat controversial while criticizing many of them rightly.

Take, for example, the data collection of the users that the company implemented from the beginning into the latest version of its software, somewhat below the necessary point to improve the operating system itself, but it has slowed much of many migrants' migration Windows 10 because of the subject's sensitivity.

But it has not been the only "brake", but many have also decided to stay true to one over the years Windows versions most beloved of all times, Windows 7. But over the course of months, this operating system will stop receiving support, so Microsoft has tightened its efforts to try to convince those who are still working on this version that migrating once and for all is the most appropriate. In fact, it has been something that has tried since the arrival of Windows 10 in the summer of 2015.


That's exactly where another of Redmond's most criticized and remembered movements came from, we talked about the button "Get Windows 10"A message that almost forced to carry out the above migration for Windows at that time was just launched. In fact, at this point, Microsoft will start a similar campaign that sends pop-up alerts to Windows 7 users' warning screens. that the system will stop receiving official support in January 2020 and encourage them upgrade to Windows 10.

Microsoft's message in Windows 7 will be very necessary in some cases

For many users, this will not be another annoying and unnecessary movement of Redmond to convince us to migrate to Windows 10, but we cannot forget that not everyone is fully involved in the world of technologyAnd actually they don't even care. We say it because recent studies have shown it fully 2019There are many who do not know that Windows 7 will stop receiving support in 2020 with the dangers involved security What this entails, especially in companies.

In addition, all of this must be added that even many do not even know which version of Windows they have installed on their computers, nor do they worry about it, so they may think that as long as it works, all is well as compatibility with the rest of the applications are still very high. And that's why many of us are used to reading and listening to news and technology related news new but also many others do not, and do not even think about these issues.

It is therefore likely that for many, these are annoying posts "warning" to many others to open their eyes and realize the risks that can be run can at least make their own decisions about migration, or not, but knowing what they are exposed to.

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