Friday , March 5 2021

Negligence led to millions of million lost in Mexico: Horacio De la Vega

MEXICO CITY – The director of the Sports Center in Mexico City, Horacio de la Vega, pointed out those responsible for treating Azteca Stadium as responsible for what he considered a tragedy by practically placing NFL on the move Monday night game from Mexico City to Los Angeles .

In conversation with Tlatoani Carrera de ESPNDe la Vega commented that the fact of being sincere of trust caused that in addition to losing the game, Mexico lost close to $ 45 million revenue, 32 of them targeted to the Aztec capital and a showcase without the same, because the transfer of the event allows advertisements to the city and landed as if they had paid $ 250 million in guidelines.

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"He was convinced that things would turn out well and clearly everyone's responsibility lies on the table, the federal government fulfills its tasks, the municipality fulfills its tasks, the NFL with general coordination and specifically, must say it in all its letters, the football plan was not under The conditions NFL demanded and in that sense, it will be a great opportunity for the capital and our country, "says De la Vega, who cataloged NFL in Mexico as the second largest sports event in Mexico City, after Formula One.

This decision, which is cataloged as something tragic, caused many losses, primarily economic and image. "With regard to the financial loss a lot also in the sense that we do not enter these $ 45 million of economic income into the capital, these are almost 32 directly to CDMX and the rest is in the periphery of other states of the event.

"You also have media impact that does not reach an event that is as important as the famous Monday Night Football can take you, hundreds of millions of viewers, is estimated to be more than $ 250 million in value, that is, instead of to pay for that resource a (advertising) policy as such through this celebration because of the great impact it has in the United States and the value it has with it will not be achieved for that reason, "he said. Mexican chef.

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Again, he pointed out those responsible for maintaining the court under optimal conditions as responsible. "We have to repeat the fact that the Azteca care team, in court, must have paid much more attention to an issue that is as important as the pitch and it did not happen, these are the consequences of not having, I think, taken the necessary measures to ensure that the field was in optimal conditions, "he repeated.

De la Vega pointed out that the fact of hosting one or more events was fundamental. "They interviewed me when we did shortly after Formula 1 when they started talking about the field, and as Mexican we always get things out, usually but if you have so much time to do it, but suddenly there are 3-4 events more or anything, and it has an effect on the field, I am negligent to do that in the way that you must take responsibility for each person, he says.

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