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Sex education and awareness

Sexually transmitted diseases are often associated with the lack of personal prevention and the limited dissemination provided by the state to this problem, which is spreading worldwide.

There are no age groups excluded from these serious health risks, although studies from different sources conclude that adolescents are the most at risk.

Among the diseases of these traits spread by infection, HIV-AIDS is undoubtedly the one that has caused the greatest damage on a global scale over the past decades due to unprotected sexual relationships.

There are records that need to be addressed and taken into consideration by the public through education and publicity to prevent the expansion of these conditions into the immune system.

For example, a report published days ago by the non-governmental organization AHF Argentina (subsidiary of the Aids Healthcare Foundation or Foundation for Health for AIDS, based in Los Angeles, USA) is that only 14.5 percent of people In Argentina, he said he always uses condoms in his sexual relationship.

Meanwhile, 65 percent admitted using condoms "sometimes" and 20.5 percent never admitted using them.

The study, whose findings do not reflect a clear awareness of the precautions to be taken before each sexual relationship, was conducted in 2017 to 30,000 people in 16 provinces across the country. With the revealed figures, the controversy over the need to deepen sexual education in all fields of education cannot be delayed despite the endless discussion on how these problems are implemented in schools in public and private management.

The diagnosis of the experts imposes it as follows: The National Coordinator for AHF Argentina Prevention and Testing, Natalia The Hague, confirmed that over 98 percent of new HIV infections are in the country because they have sexual relations without the use of condoms

In addition, the specialist also warned of an increase in cases of other sexually transmitted infections, such as. Syphilis, and already in a larger health field. It goes without saying that neglecting the use of condoms as a security element can not only cause contracting or infecting irreversible infectious pathologies, but also causing unwanted pregnancies.

The statistics are useful for measuring X-rays on social incidence problems. However, its effects will remain a dead letter if they do not go hand in hand with extensive training and public awareness.

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