Friday , April 23 2021

Simón Bolívar's school vessel arrived at Lake Maracaibo

Fan the national tricolor and with the cadets of the military academy of the Bolivarian Navy on their masters, the school Simón Bolívar arrived on Saturday at Maracaibo lakes.

The emblematic boat was received by the Zulia bagpipes, performed by San Luis Pipers and by the state's civilian and military authorities, under the direction of Governor of Zulia, Omar Prieto Fernández; together with the mayors of Maracaibo and San Francisco, Willy Casanova and Dirwings Arrieta

In the reception mission, the regional government will deliver to the ambassador without borders the prize Maracaibo Great Necklace Lake and Replica of the Key of the Condors Palace. Also the Mayor of Maracaibo will give the Grand Collar City of Maracaibo.

The shooter Simón Bolívar will be anchored in Malecón de Maracaibo until the next Monday, 19 November. The public will be able to visit and learn about this vessel, in addition to serving as a training room for future officers of the Bolivarian Navy in Venezuela, carrying a message of peace and integration of the Venezuelan nation to various ports in the world.

The vessel is 82.4 meters long and 10.6 meters wide. It is a boat type bricbarca, which was in the port of Isla de Aves before arriving at Maracaibo and arriving at Falcón at the end of its visit to the region.

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