Saturday , November 28 2020

Spotify buys two podcast companies: Gimlet and Anchor | Tecnologia

Photo: AP

Photo: AP | AP

Service Off Spotify music streaming acquires the podcast companies Gimlet and Anchor who will try to compete with Apple's iTunes in such transmissions.

Gimlet Media has a study for podcasts with production, development and advertising capabilities. Anchor has been a tool platform for podcast creators, as well as an established and growing base of creators.

Spotify founder and CEO Daniel Ek said on his blog Wednesday that Spotify has become the second largest platform for podcasts of just under two years.

"The format is in full development, and while podcasts are still a relatively small business, I see great growth potential for this medium and for Spotify especially"he wrote.

Nick Quah of Hot Pod, a news service covering the podcast industry, said in an email to the subscribers that the agreements will help Spotify separate itself from music and differentiate its product.

Quah also expected that Spotify could try to make money on the podcasts in the same way it did musical events to upload your music directly and automatically receive payment of copyright.


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