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Unbelievable! With this home help you can fight alopecia in just a month

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(Caracas, Nov. 14, News24) -If you no longer know what to do to stop your hair from falling and you end up balding, Try this home remedy with basil to fight alopecia …

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Hair loss, according to Mayo Clinic specialists, has as a main cause family history of alopecia or baldness, taking certain medications, hormonal imbalances, stress, anemia and some diseases such as cancer.

But if you want to end your alopecia problem, Do not hesitate to note this simple and unusual home with basilica to fight alopecia.

You need:

– 100 grams of basil leaves

– 1 liter of water


Heat a liter of water, add 100 grams of basil leaves and boil for 25 minutes. Strain, put in a glass jar with lid and put in the freezer.


Apply on your hair after washing it as you normally do, give some massage and wait for the home with basil to fight alopecia absorb and dry alone.

The power of this action with basil to fight alopecia is that it approaches and strengthens the hair to stop hair loss.

Use it at least a third for a month and Forget to suffer when looking at strings of dead hair in height!

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