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Useful apps to plan your vacation

November 18, 2018

The way to prepare a trip has changed over the years, as well as the time it spent on it, from the need to invest throughout the months of researchers until the twenty-first century, where the planning of all aspects needed for a trip can be found by hand on smartphone. Now that Christmas comes, many people hope to take a trip to say goodbye to the year or start the new and use smartphone to plan what to wear in their suitcase or the maps of the cities they will visit the photographers that allow them to share the best pictures.

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There are applications that help plan the trip, applications that help us during the trip and even applications that help to round up the experience:

PACK POINT: The Packpoint application helps users decide what things to wear in their suitcase. To do this, it is necessary to enter the information at the destination, as well as the dates and activities that will take place there. With this information, the program generates a list that can be changed when things are placed in the suitcase.

PackPoint: Luggage list
PackPoint: Luggage list

The app also lets you select the items that have already been stored in your suitcase. The list can be shared so that other travel companions copy the list or think about it. Packpoints are available through the App Store and Google Play Store.

PackPoint Travel Packing List
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SkyScanner: is a tool that acts as a flight comparator and collects more than a thousand different airlines in your search engine to find the best ticket prices. The app also integrates the "Anywhere" or "Explore" features, which lists destinations from the cheapest destinations from a particular departure airport.

Skyscanner - Flights, Hotels and Cars
Skyscanner - Flights, Hotels and Cars

Simultaneously with Skyscanner, you can set price alarms for different flights, book hotels and rent cars and download at Google and Apple stores.

Skyscanner - Travel Deals
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Flio: It collects information from more than 3,000 airports around the world in an "app" because it integrates information about all these air terminals related to those facilities that have areas for restoration or leisure or monitor the status of flights. The application also offers discounts for users to access private airport lows or to get parking spaces.

FLIO: Global airports App
FLIO: Global airports App

Additionally, information about the route that the traveler should take and the fastest and most economical way to reach the final destination, aspects that are included in FLIO, whose free version is included in the App Store and Google Play, must be added.

FLIO - Global Airport App
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