Saturday , May 15 2021

Venezuelan Acuña is honored for the year's year award baseball

The Venezuelan Challenger Ronald Acuña Jr. woke up in Japan with the news that he was elected to the nine years of the year, far beyond the Dominican Juan Soto vote.

"I feel honored," said Acuña Jr. from Atlanta Braves. "My career is just the beginning, I will be advised by all who help me improve."

Acuña received 27 votes for first place and three for others, a total of 144 points. Soto, fighter of the citizens, won two voices to first place and finished 89 points, followed by Corps Walker Buehler, Los Angeles Dodgers, with 28.

Both Acuña and Soto, both 20 years old, are part of the Major League Baseball team meeting a team from the Asian country

Venezuelan started the season in the Triple A category and debuted in majors on April 25th, was the youngest player in the league with 20 years and 128 days. He beat .293 with 26 homers, 64 RBIs and 16 bass steals with an OPS of .917.

Outfielder set a record for Braves with eight home teams in the first start of a game this season and bound another franchise record by hitting home runs in five straight games, 11-14 August.

Acuña is the third Venezuelan winner of the year's rookie. Luis Aparicio (1956) and Ozzie Guillén made it for the American League with Chicago White Sox.

Soto debuted on May 20, 19 years and 207 days. However, with a statistical incident, he is credited at home five days before that date: he succeeded on the 18th of June against the New York Yankees when a match interrupted on May 15 was completed.

The Dominican beat .292 with 22 homers, 70 RBIs and an OPS of .923. He was two homewards away from the record of a teenager, introduced in the majors by Tony Conigliaro.

Acuna praised Soto before Tuesday's match, the fourth meeting of the Hiroshima exhibition series.

"It's always fun playing with Soto," said Acuña. "I also like watching him play." AP

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