Friday , October 22 2021

Venezuela's beauty is exported


In a matter of weeks, the beauty of Miss Universe celebrated, Chile will be represented by a thin brunette woman with a tearing smile and an unambiguous Venezuelan accent.

Andrea Díaz was born and raised in Valencia, the capital of the state of Carabobo, where, from the age of 12, she learned to move her hips and go graciously at the catwalk at a local modeling academy.

At 19, she won a contest organized by her city baseball team and became her goodwill ambassador.
But Diaz's career changed course to 20 years, when moving to Panama, and then to Mexico, to work as a model, a type of employment that is now scarce in a crisis Venezuela.

In this context, Andrea Díaz settled three years ago in Chile, where he moved, as well as most of his family.

"I represent the new Chile," said the 26-year-old miss.

During a workout in a gym in Santiago. "This is a country that has had a wave of immigrants who are looking for opportunities," he added.

Like the thousands of people flying daily from Venezuela, fleeing from food shortages and inflation expected to exceed one million percent, dozens of ambitious beauty riders leave to work as models or in media abroad.

Some even parade with their adoption countries in international beauty competitions.

Next month, Portugal will be represented in the Miss World competition in China by a former participant in Miss Venezuela. And in the recently missed Tierra, in the Philippines, two Venezuelans competed with bands from Peru and Spain.

"My dream of being a miss would not end because of the simple fact of coming to a new country," said Jessica Russo, 22, who represented Peru in Miss Tierra just one year after arriving in your country. And although he failed to qualify for the final, he said he would train for more races and hope to win the crown for his mother's home country.

Beauty contests provide almost as much excitement as baseball in Venezuela, a country that has been obsessed for years with glamor and good looks, and has been leading in international beauty competitions with seven miss universes and six miss world titles. .

Although critics consider these misogynistic and obsolete contests, many say that they have helped hundreds of women from all walks of life to act as models, actresses and leaders of television shows. Even an old Miss Venezuela became mayor.

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