Monday , March 8 2021

Venezuela's football player hit a referee in the middle of the game (+ video)

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(Caracas, November 13th. News24) .- Football player in Minasoro FC, made by the third division in Venezuela, They violently attacked the referee in the match that met them to the Caracas FC subsidiary at Cocodrilos Sport Park in Caracas.

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Through social networks, a video was sent where players criticize the judge for a controversial decision. After a heated argument, the players chased the chief judge until they hit him and kicked him when he was on the floor.

The fact occurred at the last minute of the game, when the central angled a free kick in favor of the capital because Minasoro goalkeeper made time. The game ended with the goal of Caracas tie and the rival team's violent response.

With information from El Clarín

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