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6 memorable war between Vietnam and Malaysia

1. 09/12/2003: U23 Vietnam 4-3 U23 Malaysia

In Min Dinh, U23 Vietnam led 2-1 to 3-1 thanks to the goal of National Vuong, two goals in Yunnan, but in 2 minutes Malaysia eliminated 3-3. In the last minute, Thanh Binh hit his head and the standard, leading U23 Vietnam to the final in 22nd SEA Games.

The confrontation between Malaysia and Vietnam

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December 8, 2008, Tel Malaysia 3-2

AFF Cup 2008, Thailand won one, the remaining tickets are the dispute between Vietnam and Malaysia. Twice before Vietnam Tel, twice the opponent is equal. At 86 minutes, from a distance of 60 meters, Vu Phong hit the ground, hit a 3-2 win for Vietnam and then went straight to the championship.

3. 17/12/2009, U23 Vietnam 0-1 U23 Malaysia

Round of SEA games 2009 in Laos won U23 Vietnam easily before U23 Malaysia and the two teams met in the finals. Imagine that HCV easily falls into the hands of Vietnam, the net phase at home to Mai Xuan Hop made U23 Vietnam lost to white.

4. 15/12/2010: Malaysia 2-0 Vietnam Tel

In the AFF Suzuki Cup 2010, Vietnam showed a 0-2 defeat with Safee Salis two goals, while the return leg was 0-0 and Malaysian in the final. before he won the championship until now.

December 11, 2014: Vietnam Tel 2-4 Malaysia

Semi-final first leg of the country, Vietnam Tel played well and won 2-1. But now nobody understands why Vietnam Tel played so badly and lost 2-4 at home and was eliminated from the final.

23 November 2016: Malaysia 0-1 Tel

In the AFF Cup 2016, Trong Hoang's only goal helped not only Vietnam to fight the Malaysian team, but also won early in the semifinals. Unfortunately in the fourth round of the strongest team, Vietnam has lost the final 3-4 before Indonesia and watched the enemy to play the final match with Thailand.

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