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Applause for "little Indians

Celta 2-4 Real Sound continues to prove the revival of the Spanish giants. In that, can not forget the temporary and now official role: Santiago Solari.

Real continues to win

Real Madrid's victory over Santiago Solari continued to be sustainable. Passing Celta Vigo 4-2 on the field in the 12th round of La Liga, the Spanish team has won the entire series under the temporary manager of 4.

In La Liga, although still only number 6, the gap with top 4 and the top of the table has decreased to 3 and 4 points respectively. Two weeks went fast and if everything was considered a test that the leader gave Solari, he finished it very well.

As a result, Solari was officially appointed Real Madrid head coach recently. He signed a three-year contract to stay at Santiago Bernabeu until 2021.

Celta False 2-4 Real Indian Applaud for small pictures
Real won 4 matches under Solari

During Christmas Lopetegui, Real failed in five of the last seven games before the 52-year-old was dismissed. And yet they are still in the drought with record longest scorer in club history: more than 480 minutes.

People blame Florentino Perez for not upgrading his squad. In fact, with the exception of Cristiano Ronaldo, 33 years old, the framework of Los Blancos is basically the same. And immediately after being given the task of temporarily raising Real, Solari has "unfair" for the president.

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Real Celta 2-4 record highlights Solari


Real won not only all four matches but they are all very convincing with two or more goals. On the other hand, the grippers scored up to 15 goals, on average, almost 4 goals per game beside the clean sheets in 3 games. Real's squad can not be as strong as last season, but not as bad as Lopetegui.

Solari deserves to be trusted

In addition, the difficulty highlights further Solaris posture. According to law, Real has to seek a formal coach after 15 days since the chair was moved. In the course of negotiations with candidates like Antonio Conte or Mauricio Pochettino, the solution to continue to rely on Solari became the most practical with Real. brilliant coach ignored Real Madrid
Roberto Martinez is not interested in Real Madrid. Although it is considered a top ranked candidate in Santiago Bernabeu, the Belgian coach is focused on …

Real's current results motivate its leaders to do that. Los Blancos media director Emilio Butragueno, after the resounding Celta 2-4 Real, said: "The club is happy with Solari."

It's hard to say otherwise, because Real achieves perfection on and off the plan. Like former team mate Zinedine Zidane, Solari made a good job that increases player psychology. In contrast to Lopetegui's hawkishness, wings the wings turn every time they reach the grass.

It is not true that Real had a problem when Lopetegui was still in position, but his predecessor Solari was reluctant to regain confidence in his students. In one shot, the Madrid team immediately collapsed as much as the domino effect.

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Benzema revived under the "Little Indians"

Karim Benzema is a good example of a change in the sky, an area where Real Players. After leaving the previous string "fuse" before (1 table after 10 matches), the French striker has 3 goals, 1 tectonic under Solaris's direction.

Celta 2-4 Real shows that this is not an easy game, but Solari has excellent. Playing at Balaido's Stadium with its Celta homeowners in a state of pain threatening the threat.

Before the game, Real Raphael Varane, Marcelo and Dani Carvajal missed three out of four players in order not to mention Mariano and Jesus Vallejo due to injury. When he entered the game, Solari was forced to replace Casemiro, Sergio Reguilon only after the first half because of this problem.

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Guys are hard to win

Finally, to 71 minutes, Nacho Fernandez's injury can not continue. Fortunately, Solari has made very quick and reasonable adjustments. There are players who have to play in the wrong place, but most of all, the burning fire of the decision-making fire.

It is the reason for them to overcome the difficult door at Celta and win fourth after each other after the disaster El Clasico with Barca. A light door was opened under Solari and the coach with the nickname "Little Indians" deserves more time to keep Real forward.

Celta 2-0 Real Madrid
Match statistics Celta 2-4 Real Madrid

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