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Continuous "cutlery" due to the "square face"

Thursday, November 15, 1818 3:15 PM (GMT + 7)

After the first surgery, her hot girl Thanh Van has many suspected thought 98 Bank.

Hot girl broke up Nguyen Hue Street: Still

Warm girl in the kitchen – Vo Huynh Thanh Van.

Earlier known as hot girl busy street walk, after surgery, Thanh Van continued to participate in the film project, especially Knock. Her beautiful face, the gourd quickly got the viewers' love.

Share about the first operation, said Thanh Van:As everyone knows, his former nickname is hot street girl walking or a name is not good and does not like it's hot girl girl. Fucking, when I was born so already. Therefore bad or beautiful how can we have the right choice.

Of course there is no girl who wants to be bad. Van self. All dreams for their appearance. This makes me feel sad and change myself. I think it's better to be artificial than natural. That's why Van decided to choose plastic surgery.

Hot girl broke up Nguyen Hue Street: Still

Thanh Van was born in 1997

Hot girl broke up Nguyen Hue Street: Still

She is sexy and beautiful.

But not happy with beautiful doll, Qing Yun continues to cut the knife again. She decided to cut the eyelids and raise her nose. Although many fans expressed regret because her beauty was beautiful and natural. As it is recovering, Thanh Van looks better or worse, perhaps the wait time.

Thanh Vans health is still weak, but she is still a bit confused: "The girl with the chin, the nose, the eyes are done, the ear is broken so terrible pain". The hot girl's self-sufficiency tries to bear the pain to be beautiful. The reason why Thanh Van is going to go broke is to fear the neighbors, and this is also something that many beauty lovers wonder.

According to Thanh Van, the eyelid's reduced prices are about 8 to 10 million, which increases the nose to 55 million to 60 million.

More information about chin surgery, according to a surgical specialist said that if patients insert the chin with silicon, after removal can completely recover the same. But filling with filler can not be removed and waits for the liquid to drain.

The pillow is essentially a silicon slab that is no different from the silicon pad on the nose. The insert is placed in the jawbone in the lower jaw, so insertion and removal is easy. The software again covers the legs and returns to the same. Consequently, the patient will take a 7-day period to completely heal wounds. May be removed after surgery for 3 to 5 days.

Chin nodules have two methods of surgery in the mouth and the outside, the external anatomy is safer than the internal anatomy. Because the environment in the mouth is saliva, it is easy to lead to infection. In addition, outpatient surgery is easy and well-balanced.

Hot girl broke up Nguyen Hue Street: Still

Hope that after this operation, Thanh Van will get the look you want. Therefore, the hot girl Ngan Kung was annoyed when fans confused her with Ngan 98.

Hot girl broke up Nguyen Hue Street: Still

Van Van lyftnos by taking cartilage in the ear.

Hot girl broke up Nguyen Hue Street: Still

The similarity is the twin sister to Ngan 98 (left) and Thanh Van (right)

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