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Dang Van Lamb and the gods own "extreme" 6 cups on the AFF Cup 2018

1. Dang Van Lam (Vietnam)

Van Lam is the highest player in the Vietnam squad at the moment, and is the number one goalkeeper in Park Hang-seo. 25-year-old Vietnamese-Russian pride possession of handsome face with beautiful body.

Van Lam always spent two to four hours a day in the gym, had his own coach and did not miss any opportunity to work with overseas goalkeeper to Vietnam. He is a model of professional football in today's Vietnamese.

Dang Van Lam and the lost ones

Dang Van Lam spends about 2-4 hours a day in the gym to get the best out of bodybuilding.

Dang Van Lam barefoot and sailboat singing community fever. Source: Facebook Dang Van Lam.

After training gymnastics Dang Van Lam dressed in extreme water. Source: Facebook Dang Van Lam.

– Date of birth: 14/08/1993

– Height: 1m88

– Weight: 85 kg

– Competition position: Goalkeeper

2. Mika Chunuonsee (Thailand)

Mika Chunuonsee has a Thai father, a Welsh mother. As young, he had a chance to play with current world stars Gareth Bale (Real Madrid), Aaron Ramsey (Arsenal).

Mika is known as the Thai football goddess with "superman" Henry Cavill with 6 extremities. He also made his first appearance at the AFF Cup with Thailand this year.

Dang Van Lam and the gods own

Mika Chunuonsee (right) owns a divine body.

Dang Van Lam and man's proprietary

He has worked for Suvarnabhumi Customs, BEC Tero Sasana, Bangkok Glass, Suphanburi and now Bangkok United Thai League 1.

Dang Van Lam and the gods own

Mika found her half. It is the female MC, Taya Roger's beautiful actor, who is more than Thai players for 4 years.

– Date of birth: March 26, 1989

– Height: 1m79

– Weight: 79 kg

– Position: Right defender, central defender

3. Stefano Lilipaly (Indonesia)

Lilipaly was born in the Netherlands, grown up in Ultrecht Youth Academy, and finally returned to her hometown to build up his career. In the island's country he became the star of the Bali United and Indonsia national team.

Without a prominent height, Lilipaly has a mixed face between the islands Java and Europe with a skull care that increases masculinity carefully. Tattoos are characteristic of the 28-year-old midfielder.

Dang Van Lam and man's proprietary

Stefano Lilipaly is Indonesian and Dutch.

Dang Van Lam and the lost ones

Carmen Rowena Lumanauw is the wife of midfielder Stefano Lilipaly. Mrs. Lilipalys municipality owns a European face thanks to the flow of Dutch blood.

Dang Van Lam and the lost ones

The height is not outstanding, but Lilipaly owns the face is extremely photogenic, "bad boy" style used by him once.

– Date of birth: 10/01/1990

– Height: 1m70

– Weight: 62kg

– Position: Midfielder

4. Do Duy Manh (Vietnam)

The Dong Anh guy has white skin scaling, face students, but the body is not worse than some Vietnamese national players. Duy Manh is a good team player with a very nice 6-pus.

Duy Manh is one of the three favorite fields after U23 Vietnam's success with Bui Tien Dung and Tran Dinh Trong.

Dang Van Lam and the lost ones

Do Duy Manh showed a beautiful 6-pound muscle when the Vietnamese Olympic team competed on ASIAD 2018.

Dang Van Lam and the gods own

The face is full of white skin and makes Duy Manh extremely beautiful in female fans.

Dang Van Lam and the lost ones

Ten Dung, Dinh Trong, Duy Manh (from the left) are the three most favorite young people in Vietnam football.

– Birthdate: 29/09/1996

– Height: 1m80

– Weight: 72kg

– Playground: Central defender

5. Gavin Kwan Adsit (Indonesia)

The 2018 AFF Cup winner will not be able to name anyone other than Gawin Kwan Adsit. The 22-year-old American and Indonesian striker has attractive eyes, high nose and a small face and a body like a model rather than a football player.

Dang Van Lam and man's proprietary

The American and Indonesian bloodlines make a beautiful Gavin Kwan in the Indonesian national team.

Dang Van Lam and man's proprietary

Elegant suit when you attend an event.

Dang Van Lam and man's proprietary

The pictures of everyday life show that he is also extremely hard workout in the gym every day.

– Date of birth: 06/04/1996

– Height: 1m78

– Weight: 70 kg

– Competition position: Wing forward

6. Irfan Fandi Ahmad (Singapore)

Irfan Fandi is the oldest son of Asian football legend Fandi Ahmad and South African model Wendy Jacobs. At the age of 21, he has a dream of 1m88 and differs from the rest of the national team Singapore.

In addition to football talent, Irfan became the face of the young lion nation with dynamics. He often markets brands because his body is no less a professional model.

Dang Van Lam and the male proprietary

Irfan Fandi (left) is the oldest son in Singapore football legend Fandi Ahmad, who is also Singapore's national team for the 2018 AFF Cup.

Dang Van Lamb and the gods own it

Irfan owns the height of 1m88 by inheriting the dominant gen from his mother model Wendy Jacobs. He has 3 brothers and 1 sister.

Dang Van Lam and man's proprietary

Irfan Fandi (right) and his brother Iskhan Fandi appear on the bazaar's cover.

– Birthdate: 13/08/1997

– Height: 1m88

– Weight: 80 kg

– Playing position: striker, midfielder, central defender

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