Tuesday , January 26 2021

Drake was cut off from his speech at Grammy

The rapper said the artist didn't need a Grammy to assess his career, organizers switched to advertising and cut his microphone sound.

The 2019 Grammy Awards take place at the Staples Center in Los Angeles, USA. Drake won the category "Best Rap Song" for the work God's plan. After receiving the award, Drake surprised the speech about the music industry.

Drake received the award. Photo: REX.

Drake received the award. photo: REX.

"This is an industry that sometimes depends on a group of people who do not understand what Canadian street kids will say, or do not understand a brother in Houston, my brother – Travis. in your song if your hometown welcomes you as a hero, if there are spectators – doing normal jobs – raincoat, snow, hard earned coins "You can buy a ticket to see your performance, you do not have to stand at this stage . You were the winner then, "said Drake. Although Rapper did not finish the speech, the organizers cut in the middle and inserted ads. On stage, his microphone was also cut off from the sound.

Drake was cut off from his speech at Grammy

on Twitter, Many journalists and fans expressed their shock when Drake was cut off. Earlier, Drake and many stars like Kendrick Lamar, Childish Gambino, Ariana Grande … refused to perform at Grammy this year. Kendrick Lamar has eight nominations, and Drake and Childish Gambino have seven and five nominations respectively.

For years, Grammy has not been favored by black artists because it rarely gives them important prizes. The organizers have been repeatedly criticized by fans for their racist attitude. After each prize, "GrammySoWhite" (Grammy for white people only) is often flooded with social networks. In 2017, Beyonce fans were angry because Adele won overwhelmingly on Grammy.

The relationship between the organizers Grammy Awards and the hip hop community has been tense over the years. In 1989, artists like Jazzy Jeff, Russell Simons, LL Cool J … boy J … Grammy.

Earlier, the organizers of Grammy 2019 were still noisy. On the morning of January 29, a video of the prize spread the results Twitter. According to information in it, Cardi B will win the "Recording of the Year" award I like it, "This year's album" award belongs to H.E.R. Lady Gaga won the category "Song of the Year" with the soundtrack A star is born – small.

Representative of the organizing committee immediately confirmed with billboard: "The Grammy Prize is kept confidential until the last minute the winner's name is sealed in the envelope. The staff of the Recording Institute do not know this secret." However, the tabs still sell half-heartedly about the incident. "I no longer believe in Grammy many years ago, they are more commercial than art. I also think this year's prize is not surprising." Twitter Kei commented.

Minh Anh