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Goodbye after 2 years of cohabitation, MC VTV's homosexual lover – Young friend spoke

Wednesday, February 6, 2019 8:06 (GMT + 7)

Their broken love story has made many people lament.

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Lin Jay and Ngoc Trang used to have beautiful dreams

MC Nguyen Ngoc Trang and Lin Jay (real name Le Thao Linh) are well-known names on social networks. A person is a well-known face of television viewers as they lead popular shows such as "Key to Success – CEO", "Interesting Shopping", "VTV1 Art Room" … A person is "guy hot boy", praised by Thai newspaper with a beautiful appearance as a Korean star.

Their almost 10-year-old gay love story once made people admire. There is no adventure bread, but the two still live happily under a roof with Ngoc Trang's own son for 2 years.

However, in mid-2018, the couple suddenly published "everybody's way". "A good ending, but not together, we are still good friends.", Wrote MC Ngoc Trang on a personal page. Still, a beautiful dream-like love story suddenly broke down and made people regret it.

We had a conversation with Lin Jay and listened to "hot boy guy" for the first time to share a love story with female MC VTV:

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Lin Jay first shared breaking the beautiful MC

A year of great events in love life, how is your mood now?

My mood is very good. It happened a long time ago.

Goodbye to a beautiful relationship with MC Ngoc Trang is probably his biggest loss in the past year?

In fact, romance is only part of my life. I am sorry, but what I must forget is to forget to continue living well for the present and the future.

When the public spoke of goodbye, only Ngoc Trang spoke. How long is silence, now would you like to say something to your fans especially and admire your love in general?

I can only say that we stopped at the right time so that we both could think of each other with the best things.

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The couple parted in silence

Then you can share a little reason why you two broke up?

There are many reasons that can not be only 1, 2 phrases are whole.

MC Ngoc Trang must receive a lot of conflicting opinions when she says she is "a girl," so she will still find a "good man" to love after looking up with the same sex. What do you think of this?

In fact, Trang has its own definition. I can't defend or explain. When she said it, she had her own thoughts.

MC Ngoc Trang also said that before people still believe that the love of two people is homosexual, but not really. Do you feel sorry for this sharing?

Trang always looks like a man, so she seems like that. At first I was a little sad, but everyone had their own definition, so that's it.

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The two lived together under a roof for 2 years

After this affair, will Lin still love a girl?

Currently, I focus on work and want it to grow. I don't like much about romance, it's just natural.

How is love for you and how do you overcome it?

Me and Trang are both Buddhist practitioners, so it's easier to overcome sad things.

Are you still friends now?

Yes. We are still friends.

What about the previous business he and Ngoc Trang used to do together?

We have separated, we no longer work together, but still friends. As I shared, I and her husband, who practice Buddhism, should treat each other with kindness.

Do you intend to undergo transgenic surgery in the future?

Did not know!

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Despite being together, they are still friends

He does business online, but has never done anything to be famous for being more practical at work. Even when you love and farewell to MC Ngoc Trang – a famous figure, he is also quite quiet. Perhaps he has always laid a certain principle for himself?

It is true. I always look forward to the value of Truthfulness-Compassion-Patience and to myself, the principle of being sincere, honest, straightforward, using good people, not contempt or contempt others, always patient before all things. scene, do your work well and think more for others.

Did business for a long time, but never saw him boast home and car?

Because there is nothing significant. My income is only enough to pay for my daily activities and personal interests.

What are your special plans for next year?

Still cultivate knowledge and thinking in life and work.

Sincerely thank you to Jay Jay for sharing!

The hot girl made someone meet and say:

Both talented and sharp, Ly Nguyen Linh did netizens admire.

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