Thursday , May 13 2021

Hung for the Vietnamese team

The first defeat in Vietnamese football against Malaysia in the last decade is that SEA Games in Laos failed in 2009.

That year, U23 Vietnam kicked two matches with the Ma team, one in the group phase and one in the final. The opponent did not score in both matches, but the Vietnamese team was awarded twice, while the opponents were the winners of the footballers' football, not Calistos team.

In the final, Talaha Malaysia's U23 midfielder before midfielder Mai Xuan Hop of Vietnam U23 team missed the corner park, making Malaysia win the match 1-0 and Malaysia SEA game at Laos.

Talaha (9) has made important goals for Malaysia's football, previously against the former Vietnam team.

Talaha (9) has made important goals for Malaysia's football, previously against the former Vietnam team.

The last losing match in the Vietnam team before Malaysia is the semifinal of the AFF Cup 2014. After winning 2-1 in the first team at the Shah Alam Stadium in Selangor, Malaysia, the Vietnam team decided to finish the tickets to the finals because the fired homicide on My Dinh.

The turn of that year really became a disaster for Vietnam football: Miura Army dropped 2-4 opponents, lost 4-5, saw Malaysia to final match with Thailand.

Talaha is the author of the second goal of the Vietnamese national team, following a mix of amateur goalkeeper Nguyen Manh and Van Bien defender, before the player can kick the ball into the empty goal.

Compared to 2009 SEA Games and AFF Cup 2014, Talaha is now considered better, more scary and sharper.

Malaysian striker scored three goals through his first two matches on the AFF Cup this year. In particular, Talaha also contributed two crucial goals, helping Malaysia upstream defeated Laos, on the farm Bukit Jalil a few days ago.

Talaha, 32, has made 59 appearances for Malaysia and is now the captain of the Ma team. Not as tall (1m71) like Anh Duc, not as sloppy as Cong Phuong on the side of the Vietnam team, but Talaha is very good at scoring the chance to score, knowing how to get in hot spots with the team in the hands of coaches Park Hang Seo on the 16/11 here.


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