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Ly Nha Ky wants her boyfriend a happy new year for 9 years and is preparing to marry this year

Thursday, February 7, 2019 at. 04:00 (GMT + 7)

Previously, Ly Nha Ky did not celebrate Tet because she was too busy. Later, she began to change as she realized the value of collecting and collecting.

In early 2019, Ly Nha Ky suddenly announced that she would marry her husband this year because "It can't be anymore."

She also revealed the rare information about her secret girlfriend over the last 9 years, which is a calculation person, 2 years younger than her. According to Ly Nha Ky, her boyfriend is very delicate, never creating pressure for her girlfriend.

"He never forced me to love the public. Even when I go in front of a crowd or appear publicly, he always steals and never goes together. He would make me feel as comfortable as possible when I went to work. Also have time with my friends. Because I'm afraid when I get up, I get distracted, " Ly Nha Ky shared.

Ly Nha Ky wants her boyfriend a 9-year-old Tet holiday who is preparing to marry this year - 1

In 2019, Ly Nha Ky will marry after 9 years of love.

In New Year's 2019, besides visiting and wanting a family holiday, Ly Nha Ky will spend time with her friends and family.

"In fact, I've never before received Tet because it was too busy. But last year and this year, I'm trying to stay home to spend more time with my family and family members." she shared.

Besides the busy work, Ly Nha Ky announces that she has no interest and finds Tet nothing special. But when she felt the value of reunion, gathering, she felt that Tet was really meaningful.

"Relatives gather, friends meet and eat … I feel that Tet is very warm, happy and has lots of energy in 1 year of active work. In addition, Tet creates closer and closer people together", Ly Nha Ky trusted.

Calm humor shared, she carried the ground because of imitation, not understood this custom. "I just learned to follow the traditional practices of rushing to earth, going to the temple to burn incense and lucky people to celebrate the year …"

Ly Nha Ky wants her boyfriend a 9-year-old Tet holiday, which is preparing to marry this year - 2

In recent years, Ly Nha Ky can feel the true meaning of the traditional New Year.

After 6 years of absence of showbiz focusing on her business, Ly Nha Ky said she missed her job.

"I still want to participate in art. Someone said that even if I do something, it will reveal the personality of the artist and only the artist can think of it. I will try to do art and entertainment things," she trusted.

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