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MC Hoang Linh opened his brother-in-law, married to two women

– After many lines shared on the personal page, recently, MC "We are soldiers" claim to be a woman of two men and declared "dare to choose courageously to bid."

MC Hoang Linh loves side by side husband in Da Lat

MC Linh Linh tattooed tattoos on the body

Recently on the personal page, MC Hoang Linh suddenly wrote emotional lines are quite mood.

"" I have always thought that there are only two things: betrayal and death can break away from real love. It showed me – a 33 year old woman – her husband's life was wrong! Stay next to a person, not for yourself, do not respect yourself before you live for yourself and think about the water. Really sorry!

Love must come true, love without love, after all, hell is still! And I do not care the second time in my life with all my strength, I'll crawl up and out of hell. What will come, what will be the price for everything! It is important to dare choose the courage to bid! Thanks for life and thanks ".

MC Hoang Linh opened his brother-in-law, got two men
Wedding pictures of Hoang Linh – Manh Hung.

The above sharing lines are MC Hoang Linh attached to her wedding photo and man Manh Hung.

VietNamNet Contacted MC Hoang Linh to ask about the event. But female MC "We are soldiers" refused due to inconvenience during this time.

The female MC's "We're soldiers" surprised many people just a few days ago, she still shared the happy image of the whole family at a birthday party.

Many do not understand what happened, but also realized that, before sending the message about this mood, she interrupted friends with Manh Hung. In addition, female MC also published the words "Ask for Mom Excuse." In addition, female MC also sold the car as she bought a new fiance 3 months ago.

"The day before your lifestyles are very happy, the next day there are lines that share almost zero." But one must feel the Spirit lives for instinctively and emotionally. Static and mature girl, "a fan commented.

Huang Linh was born in 1985, is a favorite MC, especially the audience in the "We are soldiers" program.

MC Hoang Linh opened his brother-in-law, got two men
A few days ago, the couple made pictures together.

By the end of 2016, Hoang Linh's public affairs with his boyfriend Manh Hung also work on Vietnam Television. Both regularly post happy pictures on their personal pages. Manh Hung is also quite pleased with the son of Hoang Linh and his former husband Trung Nghia.

MC Hoang Linh opened his brother-in-law, got two men
Earlier, many people celebrated Hoang Linh MC because she has found new happiness.

In September, two people also share the image of love in the town of Da Lat. They always give each other love affairs that many people admire. Manh Hung encouraged and promised to always be with Hoang Linh in all difficult circumstances.

On the personal side, Tran Manh Hung still left a photo of the representative of both happy shooting in Dalat. He kept silent, did not speak or shared anything.

Bang Tam

MC Hoang Linh tattoos on the body "width =" 145 "height =" 101

MC Linh Linh tattooed tattoos on the body

"We share" the love picture with two twin boys before you lay down and reveal tattoos on the body.

MC Hoang Linh shop with her husband in Da Lat "width =" 145 "height =" 101

MC Hoang Linh loves side by side husband in Da Lat

Happy pictures of the other female MC "We are soldiers" that many people admire.

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