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Money needles rings, cheap elephant feather rings for sale, girly close to Vía Genius day

Tuesday, February 12, 2019, 13:00 (GMT + 7)

Coming to Vía Gods Day, in addition to gold rings 9999, all kinds of metal rings with gilt brass or elephant suspension cost only a few tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands of dong on the internet and hunted by buyers …

Money Needles, cheap elephant removals for sale girly near Vía Gods Day - 1

The gilded brass ring is sold on the "market".

According to a sales announcement, 10K gilt brass ring is made of permanent copper color, which does not fade to health.

"Money rings are a type of ring that designs cohesive coins. Unlike the usual rings, the money does not only have a beauty effect, but it also has a feng shui meaning with the ability to bring good luck, money to carriers …" , the seller .

Money needles ring, cheap elephant feather rings for sale girly near Vía Genius day - 2

This gilt brass ring is sold to 60,000 VND / 2 pcs.

In addition, to attract buyers, sellers also introduced, images of gold coins represent money and wealth. This ring, however, is made up of many gold coins that are interconnected without beginning and end points that symbolize constant wealth, no stops or gods always bring money, good luck throughout the year.

Money needles ring, cheap elephant feather rings for sale girly near Vía Genius day - 4

Many sold on the internet 10K gold elephant removal to 330,000 VND / unit.

Another sale to the 10K gold elephant removal introduced, in addition to the luck of marriage, love of elephant fur also bring health, avoid feeling, avoid wind. So every year, every person seeks to buy an elephant ring for himself.

The price of each elephant spring ring is sold to VND 330,000. Sellers are committed to a standard 10K gold ring that is old enough and has a certificate attached.

But according to the owner of a shop specializing in gold and silver business in Hoang Mai (Hanoi), which is currently on the market, the elephant halls are for sale with 2 types: gold rings and silver rings. The golden elephant ring has two types: white gold and west gold, buyers often prefer western gold rings. The price of gold and white gold elephant feather rings is the same.

Therefore, the rings depend on different price types, depending on the weight of the gold, that the 18K gold elephant elephant rings cost from 2.4 million VND or more. There is a cost of 4-5 million dong, depending on style, weight; Even an elephant ring costs a couple of tens of millions if there are more gems.

According to the owner of the gold jewelery shop, the market now sells two types of gold rings, gold and gold, primarily gold and 10K gold. The price of 10K gold ring is about 800,000 VND / piece, while the elephant ring costs a few tens of thousands of dong to 300,000 dong, all imported from China, so it's cheap.

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